By happydoctor123 - 28/06/2018 01:30

Today, I took an Uber from work to my friend's home. My water bottle, which was in my backpack in the back seat, leaked and left a little water on his fabric seat. I got an $80 "professional cleaning" bill from Uber. FML
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azouwa 26

Probably thought it was urine.

You can probably dispute that, OP. Uber is pretty good about listening to customers and refunding when appropriate.


azouwa 26

Probably thought it was urine.

Yeah. This is only a FML if you told him it was water. Otherwise you do share some of the blame.

You can probably dispute that, OP. Uber is pretty good about listening to customers and refunding when appropriate.

On the basis that, water dries and should in no way result in the need for an $80 professional cleaning. Assuming of course that the OP is telling the truth and that it really was just water and not like "water" in the sense of she had a bottle of pop with ice and the ice melted and dripped out. If that was the case than the cleaning may have been necessary due to sugar and stickiness. If it really was just water though than there is no way the OP should have to pay for an $80 cleaning because it was unnecessary.

You are under the assumption that OP actually told the driver about it and didn't just leave when the driver had no way of knowing what liquid actually remained there on his backseat...

The $80 seems pretty fine if you include the driver's opportunity cost.

Uber did nothing to help me now I only use Lyft

Lyft is alwayyyyyyss better anyway! Always use Lyft when possible IMO.

Lobby_Bee 17

Turning your car into a taxi is bound to get your car dirty, it's part of the job. Imagine a restaurant charging you for a broken glass because you accidentally broke it.

Taxis will also charge you a cleaning bill. Probably not in a situation like this because they either notice while you're still there and able to explain it's just water or the notice after you leave but dont have any way to contact you.

Lobby_Bee 17

For a huge mess sure, for a spot? It's just a cash grab for the driver.

julfunky 29

I don’t care if it’s a huge mess or “just a spot” if I think it’s urine. I’m going to be getting it cleaned either way.

If you break a table in said restaurant i'm pretty sure they will make you pay for it. Same with a car. If you earn your money with your car by transporting people you want it to be in good shape. Unless OP told the driver that it was just water he had no way of knowing if it really was water or not. Depending on the type of water there would also still be stains left in the fabric.

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Mungolikecandy 19

I have a message from 1952. Time to return to them as you have let slip that you have travelled into the future and the experiment is at risk.

He had no way to tell what that was, whether water or urine (or even something else). And if you run what's essentially a taxi service you definitely can't have urine on your seats, for your client's sakes and yours.

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chessu 21

Doesn't water just evaporate eventually?

The driver has probably learned to expect that any "spill" is far worse than water. Not that I would know anything about late-night drink and debauchery...

Lola 8

i’ve had the same thing it sucks $80 for a short uber ride that should have been $6, they ignored my dispute too