By Ali (New York) - 24/06/2011 03:01 - United States

Today, I dislocated my collarbone while trying remove my bra without taking off my shirt. FML
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That must have been fun explaining that to the doctor

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I do that all the time but without the dislocating bit. Must have been one vicious contraption to dislocate your clavicle like that.


Ouch indeed. Great comment. I'm proud of you! :)

don't feel bad op, there have been more emberassing injurys, my sister once pulled a muscle in her forehead when she sneezed.

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39 that's ******* hilarious!! I had no idea that was even remotely possible!!! LOL! OP I commend you for the amount of effort you must have put into removing your bra beneath your shirt to have dislocated your collar bone. BUT, you most definitely deserve it because after a short amount of time I'm sure you realized you should've stopped trying before you injured yourself... Lol...

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yah but, wow your bones are weak!

Badsha, I definitely want you so bad. That skeletor physique gets me right off. You're so strong.

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Don't be lazy now, and do it normally.

Some one I used to work with slipped a disk sneezing he also gave himself a concussion on his till draw somehow. #45 a dislocation is not the same as a break. They are not caused by weak bones.

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What's with you and weak? who are you hulk hogan?

probably got the picture off of google images.

I knew someone who broke his leg while playing Guitar Hero . . .

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whats with all of you being jealous of my body? if u cant get it urself then learn to stfu

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badshah, you're too cocky. Get the **** off.

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badshah everyone one of ur comments has been thumbed down great job lol

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203, Teehee :) your bunny has a mustache :D

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why is everyone going after 45 and thumbing him down bc he said she had weak bones (even though a dislocation isn't quite the same thing) but when 63 says it she gets thumbed up? sometimes I hate the whole thumb up/down thing. it doesn't matter what anyone says it'll always get a thumbs down for something... whether it's grammar or just thumbing down bc someone else already did. I don't know if I like having the option to give a thumbs up or down!

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What do you mean. Pulling that off is the biggest accomplishement a woman can do... besides not ever leaving a kitchen of course.

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Because you touch yourself at night!

for sex. Or sometimes when you're at home to let the girls out to be more comfortable.

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"just... why..?" i hate when someone tries to sound like this.

Why not! I'm gay and even I can see the reasons for practicing this.


it's really easy I can't believe she couldn't do this

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Obviously practicing for stripper school... Duh!

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i take my bra off without removing my shirt && nothing has ever happened to me . i'm just fine . she either tried too* hard or has really weak bones

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not weak bones, loose bone sockets.

I sleep in the top I wore during the day so it makes no sense to take my top off to take my bra off and then put my top back on. I don't know how you'd hurt yourself doing this.. I really really don't..

I am gonna assume your a guy, and it's not very hard to do...

it's also not that hard to just take the shirt off

because you sleep in dirty clothes? :/

Because no one else in the world does that? What is the point in putting a clean top on when you're not clean anyway? It's not like I wear the same top the next day!

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damnn this chick be trippen haha wow it's not that hard to take off a bra without taking off ur shirt off!:/

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well, that's how I changed into my swimsuit when I was in gym. some people just aren't comfortable with showing others their bodies like that, 3, and with that uncomfortable-ness come "weird" ways to change/ remove clothing.

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this has nothing to do with op's post ..

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how the world do you do that

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it must take some serious talent

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Undo back hooks. Pull bra out through front. Its not rocket science. Its really easy but I guess op is just dumb.

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79, he's talking bout the cohlar bone

#79 what about the shoulder straps? Or do you always wear a strapless bra?

120- the straps slide off when you pull it.

120, you just take one strap off out through your shirt sleeve and pull the whole bra out the other one. I do this all the time, it's simple.

I meant #79 hadn't said anything about shoulder straps. She just said 'undo back, pull out front' see, no shoulder straps mentioned. I'm well aware of how I get my straps off I was just wondering about #79

it isnt that hard, i do it all the time

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your obviously a guy. its pretty easy!

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I do it all the time. op one arm at a time.

sounds like she has awesome boobs lol

easy peasy! slide your hands up the back of your shirt, unhook your bra, pull out one strap through sleeve, then pull it all the way through your other sleeve (:

cherrybitchea my friend said the I'm busy you're ugly have a nice day to her ex boyfriend O.O

Pretty sure you can't dislocate your collarbone. I call bullshit on this one

Most bras are horrifically uncomfortable. In the privacy of ones own home, many women take off their bras without removing their shirts... god knows how you do that to your collarbone whilst removing said bra though. OP, make an account and explain please! :D

Most women who find their bra uncomfortable are wearing the wrong size.. They shouldn't be horrendously uncomfortable if you're wearing the right one.

Women who buy wired bras are always complaining how uncomfortable the wires can be.

I wear wired bras, so do most people I know. The only ones who complain are the ones who wear the wrong size.. I know when mine start to annoy me I need to get measured again. Around 75% of UK women are wearing the wrong size bra dunno about in the US though.

#121 I'm so small-chested that any bra is uncomfortable for me. I don't need a bra to "hold me up", so the only purpose a bra can serve to me is to hide any "nipple-ing." All they do, really, is squeeze my ribcage in a really, really uncomfortable manner. Bras are evil.

If your bra is squeezing your ribcage you probably need a bigger back size.. In all seriousness when was the last time you had a bra fitting? You should get one every 6 months or so.

#214 I tried an AA cup and it was too big. I don't need a bigger size. The last time I had a fitting was years ago, but considering an AA cup was too big, well...It seems that an AAA cup is the size for me.

And my ribcage is only 30", so...I don't think I'm wearing a band size that's too small for me.

My bust measurement is 31" and my under-bust is 30". I've been wearing a 32 band size, though...

lol sorry I just lolled. at like how NERDSgermehot and GEEKSaresexy r having a conversation about bras.

#226 Ladynerds and ladygeeks have boobs too.

You should be wearing a 34AA or AAA if you're 30" under bust I'm 29" and I have to wear a 34 I also JUST noticed a second ago about the names, I lol'd .. BTW nerds.. what's your cats name? He/She looks just like my Charlie!

Good to know! I'm probably a 34AAA since AA cup is too big. :( My cat's name is Benjamin. :)

Oh also, if you have trouble with the band digging in go for the widest band you can find. I have a total nightmare every time I need a bra! The range of standard bra sizes most shops stock is crap, big boobs = granny bras and small boobs = kids bras. Don't people who are like a B/C cup annoy you when they complain about the size of their boobs? I just think I would kill to have those! God forbid I need a strapless bra for something!

tweetbaby14 18

depending on where you go, not all bigger sizes are granny bras lol. better places have more normal bras. I'm a 32DD( it sucks and is extremely hard to find) and I now have to go to a completely different store than normal because I hated all the granny bras they had and because all the back sizes were huge. if you live in the US try J.C. Penny's they have normal looking bras for a bunch of sizes. and C is the perfect size not suffocating-you-in-your-sleep big or "too small".

I'm in the UK and I'm a 34FF.. Unless I wanna pay £50+ it's granny bras

#290 I'm the opposite! Unless I want to pay $50 or more, it's little girls' bras (training bras) for me. :P

It's shit isn't it? If you're at either extreme there's nothing out there! I'm gonna try and learn how to make bras, it has to be cheaper than buying them... If you're a nice mid-range size you can get packs of 2 or 3 bras for £10-15 ($16-24) here, if not £50 a bra.. Last time I went bra shopping I noticed we're just starting to get a better range of small sizes so I'm hoping we might get some bigger sizes too! Not that that's helpful to you when you're in the US but there is hope!! lol

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ow how on earth did you manage to do that?