By PartTimePrincess - United States

Self serving

Today, my sister, who knows I'm severely afraid of heights, got me tickets to skydive for my birthday. When I reminded her of my fear, she stated that she forgot and should just keep them for herself and her boyfriend. My mom agreed. FML
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  IAmJad  |  18

I don't like how selfish OP is being. She doesn't want her sister to go on the trip.

  mFUNdo21  |  17

I do sort of agree with 19 that op is being a little selfish. sisters do sometimes forget, she didn't HAVE to get you a gift, rather let her use it than have it go to waste

  Vashen  |  5

Several options.

1) Accept the tickets and not go - this way your sister doesn't benefit on your birthday, intentional or not.
2) Accept and gift to your friends. This way the tickets are being used in a fashion you want them to be used.
3) Let your sister use them, even though she may or may not have forgotten your phobia.

  girlbye23  |  15

I think its pretty obvious OPs sister only got the tickets so she could take advantage of OPs fear and keep them. She could very easily return of exchange them. Cant be that hard.

  wonderfulrosie  |  13

@55, how is OP being selfish? Her sister obviously bought the tickets for herself and opted to try to appear as a thoughtful sister who "forgot." If it truly was an accident, she could have just said she would return them or something along those lines.

  azarith  |  2

OP's sister didn't spend money on her, she knew that OP wouldn't be able to use it that's why she got it. It's a little too convenient that she "forgot" that her sister was afraid of heights (honestly what sibling forgets another's fear?) and readily had the suggestion of sky diving with her boyfriend on hand as soon as OP reminded her about her fear.