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  jnic  |  0

This is why married people sharing finances is the stupidest tradition in the book. I will love and trust my husband, but why is it necessary to share money? Pool 50/50 and buy a house together, food together, pay bills together, etc, but other than that, what if we want to buy things for OURSELVES instead of sharing all our belongings and the services we use? You buy what YOU want with the money YOU earned and own. If I marry the man I'm with now, I'd kill him if he bought his photography equipment with my money, and I wouldn't blame him if it was vise versa with my design software and art supplies.

I'm assuming that since she got your credit card and went about her business so nonchalantly, that you let her use your hard and you have shared finances. In that case, YDI.

But if this isn't the case and she snuck your card without asking, then FYL.

  humorizer  |  14

Not all women work. The majority of them stay at home. And in some rare instances, the husband stays at home while his wife works.

Thus sharing of cards is necessary.