By vbscb - 07/10/2009 10:42 - Australia

Today, I was babysitting my niece when we decided to play hide and seek. I went in the shed, and waited. After waiting a while, I went to go back inside to see what was happening. I saw my niece had locked all the doors and was eating cookies on the kitchen bench. FML
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Outsmarted by a child, boy do I know how that feels.

Thats one smart niece


Outsmarted by a child, boy do I know how that feels.

Reyo 2

lol...oldest trick ever and you fell for it. Honestly though, as soon as I got inside, I'd smack the shit out of her. If the parents protest, lock THEM out of the house.

I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I'd hold her down with one hand and repeatedly bi*ch-slap her with the other!!!

tmcnatt2012 0

that child is a genius

safirestar09 0

#72 and #77 are awesome. Although that sounds like something my parents would do.

she must be well smart

johnrdz3 24

This kid is going places.

that sucks

Thats one smart niece

or one dumb babysitter

ahh that is golden

CaMarshall 0

HAHAHA! You got owned by a 6 year old! How big of a fool did you feel like when you walked up and saw that a 6 year old had out smarted you???

the niece could either have disliked the baby sitter or just be on the road to obesity, time will tell on the latter.

where does it say the niece was six?

Yeah, how exactly do you know that the niece was six? Are you stalking the OP or something?

LifeInTheShadows 0

smart lil' kid...sorry, you deserve it =/ next time, bring the cookies with you

nofrillz 0

barely and fml. if you had come back to find her hanging herself or dead that would be fml.

And I'm sure if that was the case, she would rush to post it on a website like this... Idiot.

ProtoBuster_1 5

How does she deserve it?

letting a child she was supposed to watch out of her sight for so long

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yupp, when I play hide and seek with my nieces, my and my sister split up so they are never alone. Something worse could have happened!

dudeitsdanny 9

I agree. Or at least stay in the house if you're playing in the house. Cheater. And hiding in a place that was OUTSIDE meant the kid would have to go outside on her own.

She's one smart cookie.

Jakester 0

I was thinking the same thing!

Cookie monster OM NOM NOM NOM NOM! :D