By vbscb - / Wednesday 7 October 2009 10:42 / Australia
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lol...oldest trick ever and you fell for it. Honestly though, as soon as I got inside, I'd smack the shit out of her. If the parents protest, lock THEM out of the house.

HAHAHA! You got owned by a 6 year old! How big of a fool did you feel like when you walked up and saw that a 6 year old had out smarted you???


the niece could either have disliked the baby sitter or just be on the road to obesity, time will tell on the latter.


Yupp, when I play hide and seek with my nieces, my and my sister split up so they are never alone. Something worse could have happened!


I agree. Or at least stay in the house if you're playing in the house. Cheater. And hiding in a place that was OUTSIDE meant the kid would have to go outside on her own.

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