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did you cry "oh God" as you climaxed?

Never got the chance to take the climax to heaven.


Never got the chance to take the climax to heaven.

The heaven-high club.

My first reaction would be to say "Holy Shit" in fear

Well the Lord does work in mysterious ways...

The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away.

Can you say "coincidence"?

Co... Co-in... Co-incid... Fuck it

I thumbs downed my own comment cuz I totally deserve it LOL

I don't know what to make of this comment...

He's God. Couldn't He have timed it so it happened before the wild sex took place at all?

Pretty sure that's the point. There would be no lesson learned if they were caught before anything happened. But the real lesson should be not to have sex in the back of a minivan unless it has tinted windows and it's dark outside.

God gave us free will to make our own choices. He likes it when we follow Him but we have to choose that path.

did you cry "oh God" as you climaxed?

Careful what you wish for

Was totally going to comment that myself.

They don't call it the g spot for nothing

Holy shit. That must have been super embarrassing.

HOLY shit indeed.

Yeah, Captain. Captain Obvious!

Wow, that sucks. Horrible timing for that priest to show up.

What was the priest doing peeping into people's cars anyway? Especially ones that are emitting sexual sounds. You may have a closeted pervert as a preacher

There might not have been any sounds, just the car shaking and the priest went to see what was wrong.

Maybe he thought it was possessed

Maybe he was just trying to stop public car sex like most adults would?

Maybe he was Catholic

Don't come a knockin' if the vans a rockin'

Why would you stop car sex from happening?

Because it's illegal.

Next stop: pregnancy

You are stupid.

Of priests interrupting sexytime.

Haha I see what you did there, 77

I think a better question is what did the guy say?