Dad jokes FTW!

By rositaleigh - 01/07/2019 00:06

Today, my father and I were out in town when a lady walked up and commented on what a great looking couple we were. My dad puts his arm around me and says "Thank you! We've been together for 17 years." FML
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LMFAO 😂 that's a great dad come back

Your dad is awesome!


LMFAO 😂 that's a great dad come back

Mathalamus 24

That is disturbing..

EmDizzle2007 28

that shines more light on your own life than you probably want it to.

Your dad is awesome!

I think that's funny. sounds like you need to get a sense of humor. ydi

Hey dude, why d'you keep making these stupid comments? D'you ever say anything positive or interesting? ydi

They literally started their comment with “I think that’s funny.” That’s a positive thing. Learn to read.

Nhayaa 21

When I'm with my father people always assume we're a couple even though you can really see the resemblance... But we never react the way your father did, I'll try it next time!

They did a psychology study not too long ago where people were given dozens of pictures of men and women they’d never met. With a fairly high degree of accuracy, they were able to correctly match the married pairs. It’s hypothesized that decades of a similar diet and shared activities lead (happily) married couples to look similar to each other. For example, my sister and her other half - because they hike and fish together, their skin tones have started to sync up and their fish and alcohol diet makes them carry weight pretty similarly.

TxKitten79 10

That's not an FML. That's an awesomely funny dad!

Are you 17? Because that's a legendary dad joke.

LOL I like your dad.

...but you have a funny dad...