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Today, I was turned down from my dream job at a graphic design firm. Before the interview, concerned about my hobo style would not impress the company, I shaved, cut my long hair, and even bought a suit. They said I wasn't "free-spirited and creative enough." FML
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You should never change your style for someone else.


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You should never change your style for someone else.

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Right. Meanwhile, back here in the real world... We dress up for job interviews.

Dressing appropriately for your job is hardly changing your style.

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#16 thats exactly what he did, yet he still didn't get the job *shrugs*

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That's okay. There are always outliers, and more importantly, there are always other jobs, with more sane people administering them. You play the best hand you can, because it will more often than not work out, even if not every time. Hindsight is 20/20, right? Just because you do everything right doesn't mean everything will always go right. That's luck for you.

He probably also brushed his teeth in the morning 19. Based on the fact that he still didn't get the job, I guess everyone should just cross that off their list of things normal people do when presenting themselves for a job interview.

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i'm just saying it's kind of ironic, he looked presentable for someone showing up for an interview, yet he was turned down for doing so.

How is that ironic?? Most people turn up looking presentable.

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which is what he did, but thats why he didn't get the job. i dont know, i find that ironic.

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Graphic Design is a form of art. A painter doesn't work in a suit, nor does a comic book artist, and unless they're total assholes, neither does a graphic designer. First time I worked at a graphic design firm I wore a band t shirt and ripped cargo pants and they loved me :D

um, in the real world, most places don't let their graphic designers wear ripped band shirts and cargos. Most design firms/in-house design teams adhere to business dress code policies.

Wow that really sucks but you shouldn't of changed at all for anyone or anything but like i said that really sucks.

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Let me get this straight. Art restricts you from looking presentable? Please remind me when dressing nicely started inhibiting creativity. Yea you can choose to dress like a hobo, but wearing a polo or something doesn't exactly diminish the artist. Your comment kind of makes me think "must be and/or act poor to be a good artist"

I agree with 1, but at the same time, I disagree. Clean yourself up while keeping in your style. Making your hair neater instead of cutting, trimming your beard instead of completely shaving, and still buying a suit, would have made you less restricted-seeming, but still presentable, and you wouldn't have changed your style. What 1 was implying (I believe) is that you shouldn't pretend to be what you are not. If OP is a care-free person, which are usually the kind that do the "hobo" style without being a hobo, presenting himself as a clean-cut business tycoon (or wannabe tycoon) is deceptive, suffocating of his true self, and would eventually come to bite him in the ass in some fashion. If he had gotten the job, how far into it would he discover he hated himself/his work because he forced himself/he has to come in starched every day, or how long would it take his superiors to notice the real him? Ironic how it turned out though.

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melozburngr - i don't know what "real world" you live in, but it clearly doesn't include the art world. its been said numerous times during my design education NEVER to attend an interview in a classic suit, pantsuit, or skirt and blazer. and i've had bosses that say they would never have hired someone who came in wearing a suit. point is, you have to research the company you are working for - if they are a cool, hip, "free spirited" creative company, they will not want you to apply in a suit. showering, looking clean YES, but you have to show that you understand what kind of a place you're applying for, and that you fit in with the vibe of the place. in the art world, its not just about a portfolio, but if you understand the feel and spirit of the company you're working for, since its the creativity that needs to jive with them, not just the appearance. ...and for the record...not many creative graphic design companies in general "adhere to strict business dress code policies".... most places DO in fact allow their employees to wear band tshirts and cargos.....

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No, Graphic Design and Art can borrow from each other, but GD is NOT a form of art. You don't DESIGN art.

I am an artist, and I say LOL WHAT "YOU DON'T DESIGN ART"? lmfao Art is more than just a pretty picture. Art is writing; an essay, a poem, a novel. Art is sounding; singing, storytelling, musical instrument playing. Art is designing; a graphic, a pattern, a character, a pretty picture. And of course, art simply includes the above, and is most certainly not limited to. Movies, games, plays, dances... all forms of art, too.

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Design is not art. Art is free, you do as you think it should be. Design is doing what your client needs.

Yeah fyi, art is art. And not all Graphic design is designing for a client. You can design anything for any reason. ART IS ART... don't try to define it or you'll look like a douchebag... wait, too late.

Does that mean art commissions are not art? Art is anything you can pour emotion into and express something with. You still do that with this.

The shave and haircut probably didn't turn them off as much as the suit. Should have gone "dress-casual".

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I've never had anyone point out directly why I wasn't hired. You sure you wanted to work for these a-holes?

I've always gotten some 'canned' reason, usually via a form letter. You can't take it seriously or personal and you certainly can't please everyone. If he came in all 'free and creative', they probably would have said he wasn't professional enough. Though I can see where a design firm could have different standards of attire.

I would love to know the reasons I didn't get hired. You don't have to listen to all of it, but feedback is helpful.

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Oh that suck! :-( They lost a real creative man, they shouldnt have judged by just your appearence!

Dressing professionally was a good idea, but they generally don't care what the rest of you looks like in the art world. Lesson learned, eh?

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Or the "free-spirited" and "creative" remarks were because of the interview and not because of how you looked.

I agree with you #9. There are other ways of displaying your "free-spirited and creative" nature besides clothing. Next time, work on your interview skills and how to present yourself so that your creativity comes across, even though you dress professionally.

Also, maybe, his portfolio didn't display a level of "free-spirited and creativeness". But hey no one thinks of that do they? It was all because he dressed professionally.

Awww. Another one bites the dust. :( I like hobo styled guys.

How do you feel about the genuine article?

I'm sad to admit, I have no idea what you're talking about. :( Slow day? That or reading comprehension fail. Either way, elaborate please. :]

Do you like actual hobos, or just hobo-styled guys.

Oh, I like hobo styled guys that have houses (and cars and jobs). I just like long hair and unshaven faces. Also, jeans and t-shirt style. Not really to the point of hobo, complete with stray cat piss.

fmlfmlfml15 0 can't be a hobo without that stray cat piss on your foot

Haha. Exactly. Which is why I want imitation hobo, rather than the real thing. ;D

With a pic like that I think you'll have to settle with real hobos.

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Maybe even a crazy blind hobo, at that.

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I think Intoxicunt is gorgeous. At least she has the guts to post a picture of herself up unlike you two.

Thank you, Screwtaylor. **** the haters! Jealous people suck.

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I was looking at that picture, trying to see what was wrong with it. I got nothing. She's very pretty, although I'm not a fan of lip rings, but thats her style not mine. Intoxicunt don't let the trolls get you down.

I actually do have a picture I don't know why it doesn't show, thanks. (: And since I didn't even look at her actual picture, that makes it all the more awesome that you got pissed.

I don't. Especially the anonymous trolls without pictures. That really makes it hard for me to take someone seriously. Thank you, by the way. I get lots of shit for my pics, but I know I'm pretty, so I just laugh at the jealous bitches. Also, who got pissed? Everyone just pointed out how wrong you are.

Really? You can't see the pissed off-ness there? And darling, I'm far from jealous.

Um, no, I can't. The tone I got from it was, "Ha, pathetic people. Whatever." I saw your picture. You're somewhat attractive. I'm not going to insult you based on something that isn't true. So I won't call you ugly. I'll just call you really lame. Throwing about random insults? Maybe you're more insecure than you want us to think.

fmlfmlfml15 0

"With a pic like that I think you'll have to settle with real hobos." what other pic of her is there?? As for me, I'm too lazy to put my picture up on this site lol

I can see where you could get that, the insecurity. As if I were in your position, I'd probably also use that as defense. But really, if you look up, I didn't even look at your picture and just because you say something that amuses -yourself- on the internet doesn't mean that you're insecure. You should know that, I've seen you throw some insults. Although they probably were more concrete .. in a way (:

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I actually think you're very pretty, Intoxicunt. I just saw a random internet insult that involved hobos (I mean, come on. Hobos, for ****'s sake. It doesn't get much better than that. Unless of course the Sham-Wow guy is involved.) and got excited. Sorry. *sideways smiley face*

Exactly. Thank you, MercyFML. People who just go around insulting people for "fun" are really pathetic. It's not my fault people are either jealous or insecure. I mean, either insult me on something more true (like the fact that I'm on here so often, since you uncreative idiots need help), or just stop being immature.

Thank you, #67. Ok, it's one thing to JOKE. I set myself up for the "that's the only kind of guy you're getting" comment. However, most people would make it more obvious that it's not serious. I insult people a lot, but not random people just for whatever reason. I don't just look around and find someone and be like "You suck. Hahaha."

Thus you and I are different. Whatever floats your boat. I do not care, however. If you're so confident then it shouldn't have bothered you. You say it doesn't, but there's a slight issue now isn't there?

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lol pornosid......don't diss the shamwow guy. it's just unethical.

I am not personally hurt by your comment, not in the least. I just feel the (probably too idealistic) urge to tell you the way you act isn't appropriate. I can't help feeling a duty to at least make some attempt at making you realize that saying things like that isn't cool. I don't know why. If it fails, it fails. At least I can say I tried.

I just love the idea of Hobo Chic -- the look and smell of real hobos without the poverty or the true insanity. Did you like my shirt? It's a Ralph Lauren Hobo. The logo is not a guy on a polo pony, it's a guy head-first into a dumpster yelling obscenities at an 18-foot-tall invisible gerbil called Joe. The cologne is nothing but bottled urine.

Plexico...that...was brilliant. You are the comedic master of this site. All hail. *Bows down* I love the idea as well. If Ralph Lauren doesn't beat me to it, I'm going to open that line. I'll promote the fragrance with a Britney Spears inspired flashy commercial. "Daring. Exotic. Cheap. Au de Hobo."

Thank you, Toxi. Actually, I studied French for a WHOLE year, so, I'm like, y'know, practically fluent. The cologne would be "Eau d'Hobo" and the pronunciation would be priceless: OH-DOH-BOH. PLV! Pour la victoire! (Merde, I hope that's right. There are a lot of real French people reading this.)

That's hot. XD I told my mom that and she thought I said "hoe day hobo" because I was pronouncing it the very Americanized way. My perfume says "au" on it!

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Why do people assume that someone who says something critical is just jealous or insecure? Isn't that kind of a projection?

Because, most people who go around putting others down as their way of entertainment (e.g. verbal bullies in schools) do it because they are insecure and afraid, or haven't received enough encouragement from parents. There are some people who are just rude and mean, but most of them have problems with themselves that make them want to talk shit to feel better.

deja54 0

No they do it because it's entertaining. You even said that in your little paragraph.

No shit, jackass, I was saying why that entertains them. Some people are entertained by taking chainsaws to their siblings. That doesn't make it normal or acceptable. Way to miss the entire point.

The moral of the story? Always be yourself! Duh...