By Anonymous - 04/04/2011 05:26

Today, I had diarrhea in a public bathroom. When I was finished, I noticed that someone had pissed all over the toilet paper. FML
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I cannot think of any situation in which someone would need to piss all over the toilet paper, besides them being a straight up asshole. Wow.


That would make me pissy to be in such a shitty situation...........

Well what can you say? Some people are complete animals.

rebekahah 7

yeah it does! And I can't even smell it!

that is why I don't poop in public places

who would win in a fight dude ? a grilled cheese sandwich or a taco ? : )

That's pretty damn funny. xD However, after that happening to me I wouldn't be laughing. :/

You must have been in quite a sticky situation.

op didn't shit over him/herself. on a side note, you're one of the first south Africans I seen on this site.

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likewise (:

I imagine a stereotypical Asian saying all your comments.

#42 is tht a lexus IS350?

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you just got pwned

sorry about that... it should've been dry by now

Would you want to rub dried urine upon your anus?

well at least it sterile

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^^^ I am always saying that and NOONE fucking believes me!! Thank you!

97, no one* and who cares if it's sterile or not? it's disgusting either way.

let all the shitty puns begin/end

take the free DNA!!!! It's yours now!!!!!!

Screw the DNA... The majority of the scientists would look for mRNA... shove that up your anticodon!