By Anonymous - 04/04/2011 05:26

Today, I had diarrhea in a public bathroom. When I was finished, I noticed that someone had pissed all over the toilet paper. FML
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I cannot think of any situation in which someone would need to piss all over the toilet paper, besides them being a straight up asshole. Wow.


That would make me pissy to be in such a shitty situation...........

Well what can you say? Some people are complete animals.

rebekahah 7

yeah it does! And I can't even smell it!

that is why I don't poop in public places

who would win in a fight dude ? a grilled cheese sandwich or a taco ? : )

That's pretty damn funny. xD However, after that happening to me I wouldn't be laughing. :/

You must have been in quite a sticky situation.

op didn't shit over him/herself. on a side note, you're one of the first south Africans I seen on this site.

I imagine a stereotypical Asian saying all your comments.

sorry about that... it should've been dry by now

Would you want to rub dried urine upon your anus?

heathersmorin 0

^^^ I am always saying that and NOONE ******* believes me!! Thank you!

97, no one* and who cares if it's sterile or not? it's disgusting either way.

take the free DNA!!!! It's yours now!!!!!!

Screw the DNA... The majority of the scientists would look for mRNA... shove that up your anticodon!