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Today, I realized that my Twitter profile was very public when my business professor made fun of student tweets in class. My tweet went, "Totally bullshitting this business report" about the report I'd just handed in, worth a large portion of my grade. FML
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In more ways than one. The Library of Congress catalogs every tweet ever made.

kyu_Q 19

YDI. I have no sympathy for people who post the dumb shit they do on twitter or Facebook and then get busted.

Your prof must have lot of time on his hands to be snooping through his students' tweets.

It doesn't really take that much time.. He gives out a test, that gives him free time on the computer..

True, but you would expect that they would have better things to do with their time. They're professors, for heaven's sake. Usually it's the teaching assistants that find out the odd things that students post, which is why I thought it was weird.

Mk58, so basically what you're saying is, professors shouldn't have any free tome and they should ALWAYS have work to do? That's pretty dumb if you ask me.

That's not what I said at all. I said that you would expect that they would have less time to go through 200+ students' tweets (assuming that OP is still doing their undergrad).

Forget it. I just thought it was a little odd. Perhaps it's just some professors. I was in sciences in my undergrad and all of my profs always made themselves seem super busy.

49, of course they may have appeared busy but they were also probably checking tweets!

Do you understand what a twitter feed is? Tweets scroll right on by without "going through" anything, and the words "bullshit business report" would stand out to a business professor on report day.

Well that was unexpected... But seriously dude, get some security settings

With a name like yours, great things should be expected of you. Awesome comment lol

perdix 29

#5, he might as well Facebook it, he's going to get Kik'd out. He shouldn't Yelp about it, because he hasn't shown a Flickr of Pinterest in the subject.

Yahoo would he would get caught in his laziness? He should really set his AIM higher, because he's in a Monster of a problem right now.

That's the same thing as those people talking about cheating on Facebook some years ago. Because it was on Facebook it was public, so it was proof. They got kicked out of University. Just be happy you didn't tweet about ripping off someone else's paper!

This FML could vie for the record for the greatest number of "YDI" votes of all time. If you're going to do something half-assed, at least have the sense not to brag about it, mormon. Maybe when your professor makes your grade just as bullshit as your report, you'll learn a very valuable lesson.

Hey, not every Mormon half-asses business reports and brags about it.

perdix 29

#7, is this a massive auto-correct fail or is there some kind of collective brain fart going around where everyone writes "Mormon" when they mean "moron?"

I swear I wrote "moron"! This is some Church of Latter Day Saints conspiracy, I tell you!

I think it's the Illuminati that set him up for this one.

Xatraris 38

Off subject of the Mormons out there, but damn, Doc, the patient in your pic had such a great night his ass needed a drink. That's some scary stuff.

The patient could not relieve the stress bottled up! *Ba-dum shh!*

Doc, why you hating on Mormons? Such a racist! (NB: see next FML for ref)

perdix 29

Are you kidding? Business reports are total bullshit! He probably thought you were brown-nosing to get a better grade.

You're a mormon, OP. Of all the useless crap people tweet, you tweet that.

perdix 29

#9, look out, Mitt Romney is going to come kick your ass. Mormons with MBAs won't put up with the kind of shit you're slinging.

You mods really don't like me do you? You wanna have a reason to delete or change my posts. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Yeah, believe it or not, employers stalk future employees on social networking sites before they're hired to see if their personality is acceptable for the job.

Good reason not to have any social networking site be identifiable by your real name. Always keep the virtual world and real world separate if you have any inclination to type/say/do something stupid.