By sy123 - / Sunday 29 July 2012 23:34 / United States - Frankfort
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  143dav  |  8

A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do right? Since it was involuntary, I'm sure people will understand OP! I also pray for your well being too!

  143dav  |  8

A women's gotta do what a women's gotta do right? Don't worry OP involuntary body actions often lead to pretty nasty things but hopefully you'll be fine :)


That would be so mortifying... I can't even imagine being OP and having to show up to work again after this. I would seriously consider finding a new job if possible because I'd feel so awkward


#2 Her cyst RUPTURED causing severe stomach cramps and her bowels to release at work. While she was on the phone with a customer. With coworkers all around. I think it was pretty noticeable!

  onlychildFTW  |  33

My question is, a call centre not in a foreign country where you can barely understand their English??? (I know a stereotype but it's pretty damn true, most of the time)

  evilplatypus  |  36

63 -
1) Just because you throw a question mark at the end does not make it a question.
2) What the hell does your comment have to do with the person's to which you replied?

By  zandalee  |  19

That's awful! I hope you went to the hospital!
Also if you go on the pill called Dianne, it should stop your body from having/creating cysts. Good luck darl!


86- pcos is a set of symptoms, triggered by hormonal changes. Not everyone who has pcos has a lot of ovarian cysts... And not everyone with multiple ovarian cysts has pcos. That said most women will have cysts at some point. Cysts that become large enough to rupture painfully (ie over 4cm) are less common, but virtually every woman gets cysts sooner or later

  retropiaf  |  2

I am happy with being a woman, but sometimes it feels like our bodies turn against ourself... Is that weird what I wrote? Anyway, I think that might be a very little part of why we have sometimes that love/hate relationship with it...

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