By burntloyalty - 26/03/2011 20:54 - United States

Today, I had such a violent coughing fit that my stomach emptied itself all over the floor while at my sales job. FML
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[Generic pissed off speech/rant entailing my life story and the fact that above comments have nothing to do with #1 making me just another pissed off emo kid.]

That just fucking sucks


That just fucking sucks

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purple coughs suck

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So basically, you just threw up. Nice wording though. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I haven't gotten used to typing on an iPad.

Nice and subtle 8 Sent from my Iphone

Good job bragging about ur ipad

A good salesman should be able to sell anything. AmIRight?

grizzvolleyball9 4

you're so right!

Control your gag reflex chump.

A7X_LoVeee 10

If you were feeling ill or what not, shouldn't you have gone in the back to the bathroom?

[Generic pissed off speech/rant entailing my life story and the fact that above comments have nothing to do with #1 making me just another pissed off emo kid.]

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YEAH!! ROCK ON!!!! Number 42 and 45!! (•_•)

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WOOH!!! YOU TOO Number 49!!!! WOOH!!! (•_•)

[Disgusted response informing you that it was in fact my brother, leading me to question your sexual preference in an offensive and derogatory way, due to my own self consciousness which stems from my deeply hidden homoerotic fantasies.]

[Declaration of love to DocBa-FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU]

Awesome! I don't know where all the good posters have gone recently (Kay, king dingaling, doc, cinn, brave sir robin, perdix, marinus, fyl deep, etc, etc) but please for fucks sake come back! We're stuck with gayboi and (every1 loves) boners! 

Wait, "I love DocBastard" is inflammatory and vile?? YES!! My work here is done. I can now officially retire from commenting. *throws microphone down* Goodnight! I'm out! Peace out, yo.

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Kay, was that directed to me? My comment related to the OP's FML..

A7X_LoVeee 10

I misread what you wrote. I don't really see how that makes me an idiot.

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someone needs some Ritalin *looks @docbastard * prescription for k please

Ritalin is a stimulant. You REALLY think that's what KaySL needs?!?

if you really want to shut KaySL up, just cut off her lips, although I imagine her as a skeleton with a red velvet robe on sitting on her spinning in her chair with organ music playing in the background... lol KaySL, no offense ok please don't eat my soul

*sitting on her chair, spinning...*

why not doc? we all need some stimulant and she sounded pretty hyper on this thread

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A "violet coughing fit"??

4, your name speaks for itself. he said "violent" not "violet"

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And yet he wrote violet...

mods changed it.

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too easy

VIOLENT. Agree with #20 by the way, your name describes you now

MrSmOkEwEeD451 2

Grammar nazis at their worst.

Ninjasaurus18 9

Hey!!! We are usually very accurate. But sometimes wannabes try to be Nazis, and just fail.

If you're coughing up violet, you should probably see a doctor.

dude he said "violent" not violet

no 29 mods changed it.

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changed it and deleted comments...fucking mods

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lol @ 5

no he said violent. it says 'violent'.


88 - STFU until you know what you're talking about.

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You must not need a good education to have a sales job.

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Since when does education have anything to do with having a coughing fit at a job? Go die b****.

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wtf.? why would you say that.? your fucking rude.!

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She wrote violet. Mods changed it to violent.

"You're", it's "you're".

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Why didn't you go to the bathroom? I would have puked if I'd seen that.

Blame it on a co-worker.

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it was clearly jenny's fault, I mean there's only so much ugly a person can take before puking

GAH autocorrected again. This day is just full of win

Fixed. I'm your biggest fan, OP. Please love me.

New photo Sirin ? Good, this one is cool :-) Nah Im absolutely not stalking ...

it may just be me but I don't think I have ever seen someone comment in their own FML. bucket list complete.

Sirin, you should seriously put up ur own picture, it's way prettier than any of the animations u always have up.

how about VIOLENT?! wow way to fail..

yuck. put your tits away.

Since my comment was moderated earlier I'll tone my language down. Please put you're boobs away. They're really gross.

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Thats what he said retard...

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violet is my name. xD