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  shessohighh  |  10

I imagined the kid doing it with their fingers, which might be kind of adorable. If they had access to a knife or any other sharp object at that age, OP probably had it coming.

  nattlecakes  |  19

I thought so too, assuming that OP wasn't literally being stabbed by any sharp object. I picture the little kid like squeezing and poking with their fingers only. I'm pretty sure the post would mention of she was actually being stabbed...

By  Steffi3  |  40

I think you need to explain the idea of a baby a little better

By  jqmalang  |  17

Well, depends on how she was trying to "pop the balloon" if it was with her fingers, then that's pretty cute. If anything else, I'd be a little scared for you.

By  Rozeyyy  |  25

Aww thats kinda cute ... although maybe its time for you to tell your child about a new baby, sometimes kids get excited and take extra care of you