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Today, my boyfriend and I went on our 2nd date. We decided to get to know each other with a game. I asked him what makes him nervous. He said "talking to really attractive girls." I then asked him if I was making him nervous. He said no. FML
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  Boowah  |  0

YDI for being too stupid to understand he means that he doesnt get nervous around you even though you're attractive (lets hope u are) becuase youre different/ you make him feel different


Again, what do you want to call it, if not bf/gf? I don't think of "boyfreind" as that big of a commitment. And also, the "I love you" is annoying me as well. Sorta. Mostly, I'm annoyed by "married to" on facebook. People use it even though they've been going out for 5 months. P.S. I am actually 14, so Im probly just really ignorant about the bf/gf thing.

  darkblue_13  |  0

@40: generally adults date for a few months (or at least a few dates) and consider themselves to be "dating" but not exclusive, and eventually the two have a conversation where they decide to be exclusive and in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship

By  Defiant47  |  0

Fishing for compliments will never result in anything good.

If he doesn't give the compliment, you'll feel like shit, and he'll realize that you're not worth it.
If he does give the compliment, you'll give him up and move on to another guy who is more of a jerk and less of a nice guy, because you're a bitch.

By  repyourcliche  |  0

Yeah, I really hate when people do that... and then get all annoyed when you don't say what they want as though it's somehow your fault. To be honest, I would've said no regardless just to verbally slap you for fishing.

And since when was question-asking classes as a game? Is it that not just a conversation?