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Today, I was sword fighting in a play when I accidentally hit the other person in the head. He called me a bitch and stormed off stage, leaving me alone with an audience of 50. FML
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Why is he mad? I thought the point of sword fighting was to hit each others "heads". Jeez I guess I've been doing it wrong.

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bbedlock_fml 7

a sword is not a knife because a knife is a kitchen utensil. it's a weapon. and therefore hitting other people with it is more funny becuase it hurts more. and at least t wasn't real or OP would proooobably be wanted for murder. on the bright side he couldn't call u a bitch and run off :) use a real one next time

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he shoulda said LOL U MAD BRO?!

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15. you are dumb a sword and a knife are the same exact thing the only difference is the color swords are green knives are grey learn your facts before saying anything

21. you get your facts straight you moron. a knife is a kitchen utensil and a weapon but around 8 inches a sword is much bigger. what do you mean the different of a color you idiot

I'm sorry I can't read sarcasm there isn't a specific type for it moron

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the question really is, what "head," did he hit you in?

kiran_fml 5

there should be a sarcasm smiley, like ;|

Not that you should really need a sarcasm smiley, in this situation anyway. I guess common sense just isn't so common these days.

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That's why you don't hit people on the head with your sword. Try doing a sneak attack from behind

we would have understood the sarcasm, if it was actually funny

Sarcasm doesn't need to be funny to understand. And that was some painfully obvious sarcasm.

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knives aren't only kitchen utensils dumbfucks

I'm not an idiot, there are some seriously stupid people out there. So, it's difficult to tell between sarcasm and seriousness without you hearing the person say it.

21 wasnt funny i found it retarded and childish 21 if you eight good one!!

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So, I was eating dinner with my sword today, and out of nowhere this viking comes and cuts my arm with a knife.

That shoulda left you with a prickly feeling I presume

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op should have started improvising ( you are an actor after all ) and stole the show.

or just stayed in character. good actors react like their characters.

OP shouldn't get nervous. The audience was too small anyway.

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Why is he mad? I thought the point of sword fighting was to hit each others "heads". Jeez I guess I've been doing it wrong.

maybe if you were better with stage combat and swords, you would have had a bigger audience. 50 is just SAD. my high school plays had more tech on our plays then your entire audience.

Yeah, I agree. My MIDDLE SCHOOL SHOWS had over 100 people every night!

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Coming from a VERY small town, our high school shows were very small. Not everyone has a 100 people come see a high school play, plus the op might of been averaging it out, dont think they were counting the heads in the audience. Not to mention this doesn't sound like a high school student who stormed off the stage, might of been a spoiled, rotten mouth 8th or 9th grader. I say 9th cause in my town, the 9th grade have their own school. I'm sure we're not the only ones so maybe it's the same with op.

lol 100. thats cute. we had a few shows we did in high school that were so popular we had to switch to performing in the universities theater because we would sell out the tickets in a matter of seconds. did a performance in front of nearly 3000 once. as for caring about their age, op is old enough to use the internet without supervision, old enough for a school to allow prop weapons and old enough to have such a naughty mouth. i dont know what part of fairytale town youre from ninefish, but most of the world has pretty dang childish highschoolers. shoot, where im from that could have been a college student!

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Fairytale? In my fairytale town, middle schoolers wouldn't have that mouth, that's why I mentioned it. In our middle school, their mouths are already threatening and cussing at 6th grade, not ALL of them do, but I've seen a lot. And I'm sure that happens a lot everywhere. And yes our high school has immature students, I was saying I wouldn't jump to conclusions it was or was not. I can tell you have a lot of immature people around you, you're clearing trying to impress people about your old high school plays on FML. Now that's "cute".

lmao @ #12... I have a feeling she wasn't playing a lead role in her play. even if you were, GET OVER IT. This fml isn't really about the about of people or the op could have lied, I think it's about how immature and unprofessional her costar acted. THAT being said, F#12L for not having one :)

actually the way the costar acted was pretty damn professional for the **** up op did. i say **** the costars life for having to share a stage with someone who is so careless. also, i dont "show off" i was just stating facts. dont suck and a lot ******* more then 50 people will show up for a play.

OceanBreathesSal 5

actually 27, the co star didn't handle that situation professionally because he broke character and didn't handle the situation in character.. do you see people on broadway storming of while calling their co-star a "son of a bitch" if and when you do let me know

if someone ****** up so bad as to hit them in the ******* head, they would. when was the last time you went to a broadway show and say professions, trained in stage combat and swords, hit someone in the ******* head and the other person not break character and act like its no big deal?

Bruanwynn is an over confident ass who doesn't understand what acting is. if someone says or does something in a play that wasn't in the script, u don't ******* bitch out on the stage, retard. u freaking keep going like it never happened cuz hell the audience doesn't know ur script but u can't just curse in front of ur audience!!! obviously OP's partner was an asshole who is stupid and can't act for his life, and Brauwynn was being a jerk.

using "****" doesn't make you a cool person

braunwynn. you are one of the biggest douche bags I've ever met... and I don't even know you.

BugsBunny1 4

Braunwynn the others have basically already said this, but I'm going to because I just don't like you. If someone is on Broadway, TRAINED in stage combat... Well that's basically the point. They're trained! Also Broadway is their profession, so they better be damn good at what they do. You never see anyone on Broadway screw up because they know how to handle it... Ignore it!!! And I'm not even in theater... Sheesh

PrincessesCrown 17

30 my brother does plays all the time at his high school, and once he got hit with a machete right above the eyebrow. Only after the play did we take him to the hospital. Now that's how you act professional; not running off stage calling his cast member a bitch. BTW 13 stitches

You know, I just got finished doing a production in my Highschool, playing a major role there was a scene where a fairly heavy book had to fall from a high shelf and next to me. Needless to say, said book landed straight on my head as I was going through a line on a live performance. Want to know what I did? Rubbed my head, made a small quip in character about books, and finished my line like a normal actor would do. So, Braunwynn, please shut your mouth before you sound like a bigger idiot. Thank you. P.S: We averaged at about 70-120 people a night, yet we still got more than 90% of them to laugh all three nights of our production. It's not the amount of people in your audience, if it's the audience that you already have is enjoying it or not.

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its a play in the round its hard to do a play like that and have a large audience and we did like 7 performances and it was a foam sword so stfu

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#27 go away! u r so annoying and no one cares about ur stupid highschool stuff. the co star was overreacting and it would be terrible if anyone had to share the stage with u!

has anyone even ******* considered tjat this might be a typo? if op was really an actor he would know that 50 ppl is a bit small. its probably 500.

It also depends on the stage type, some stages can only handle a small number of audience members.

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it was a foam sword. stupid prick.

every one thumb down braunwynn no matter what she says, maybe she'll shut the hell up

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hope you did something with your life after your high school graduation. i always feel bad for art and theater majors who cant get a real job

I'm sorry, but unless you guys are mentally retarded there's no reason you should ever need 50 people to tech a high school show.

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100, that's what I thought.

... where would they give a real machete to a high. schooler?..

I'm sure it wasn't a real sword. Or was a really dull one. That guy sounds like a primadonna/bitch. I don't know what I'd do in that situation, hopefully the audience will just laugh and move on. Let the director give him a nice talk after the show - if people screw up their show, they get pretty pissy. FYL, op. That's really embarassing!

That's when you quickly run off stage.

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haha yeah. And you are very beautiful. :)

I know a guy who has the head shaped like a prick. That is perhaps the person who walked off stage.

That's what you get for sword fighting with Justin Bieber.

If you're a professional you should've already known you're not allowed to get as high as the head with the weapon. You could've really hurt him, you were lucky he was fine, so don't even dare complaining about your embarassing moment on stage...

omg i know right! if it was me i woulda done a lot more then just call her a bitch.

ON STAGE???? AND RUIN THE WHOLE SHOW CUZ U GOT PISSY???? WHAT KIND OF RETARD ACTOR ARE U???? Obviously not a good one, and hey OP said she hit him on the head by accident. I'm sure it could happen to anyone. OP's partner still overreacted.

fairydust246 0

it sounds like a school play/ not pro play. that means its either plastic or foam swords. seriously. the guy's primadonna dick for running off like a prissy bitch. and you guys gotta be retards for thinking op is the one screwing up, accidents actually happens! shocking right?!

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...You're serious right now?...It was a fake sword you idiot. You do NOT use real weapons on stage at the risk of hurting you, the other actors, or anyone around you. it was more than likely plastic and the other guy was just a baby.

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Braunwynn PLEASE just shut up already!