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Today, I had a science test. A question asked, "What is the first stage of photosynthesis?" I didn't know, so just trying to be light-hearted, I wrote, "The plant must first believe in itself." My teacher didn't think it was funny, and gave me detention for insulting her intelligence. FML
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MerrikBarbarian 9

I thought it was cute lol

I thoight it was funny lol


MerrikBarbarian 9

I thought it was cute lol

tylersign 11

Too bad we don't get graded for cute-ness in school. xD

I doodled a whale on a text once... A week of detention haha. I guess the teacher thought it was her?

*didn't write that You're just on a fucking roll today, aren't you?

flamerocker 9

#1 That's what my girlfriend said the first time she saw my penis...

Points for creativity OP! :)

Haha, that's what happens when you believe all you read on My Life Is Av*censored*.

Op should have drawn a gigantic heart with their names inside. That's an automatic A+

fthislyfe 22

The answer was right. If a leaf is not determined enough, it can't do anything. It's all about self esteem you know.

flockz 19

false. a plant needs optimal sunlight and fertile soil for growth.

No crap sherlock

#47 - Thank you Mr fun vacuum

Well it should

MagicGiraffe 12

Tell her the real insult to her intelligence should be her not teaching you properly enough to understand photosynthesis.

slushpup9696 12

53, flockz was making a meme joke. Go watch The Office.

13 that reminds me of the time when I drew each teacher as an animal on my desk in grade 9. Good thing my vp was amazing - he thought that his bear picture was exceptionally cute, and told the teacher to leave it :P To op: that sucks, when I forgot was 'cow' was on a french test I wrote 'moo'.. The

did you know only guys with small dicks mention the size of it on a regular basis for no reason?

flockz 19

obviously 15 people dont know what a meme is. my bad guys.


47- nobody cares dumbass.

169, if you don't got anything nice to say then don't say it all :D okay bitch?

this is a repost!

I thoight it was funny lol

Ha lol dumbass teachers are not as smart ass they think lol I would have put breakfast instead but wow your teacher is stupid :p

150 - that took me 3 tries to understand. You lose the right to comment on ANYONE'S intelligence.

153- concurred

you really think he meant to spell "thought" that way? you stupid whore.

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You deserve being modded down for not being funny!

MrTriscuit 0

ABC 123

Your teahcher is mean

*an asswipe Idiot.

I didn't right that moron

*didn't write that Don't stop now, you illiterate shit. You're onto a real winner here.

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NagatoPain 4

First of all, get a sense of humor!

You're teacher must not have a sense of humor.

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

77- grammar Nazi :)

77- yeah I think he is :)

I once drew Sir Giraffe the 2nd on my science paper, along with some synchronized dancing penguins. My teacher gave me extra credit :|

MsMeiriona 2

TheIsland, I am tempted to ask you to marry me. That was glorious.

Actually, Grammar Nazi is correct if you are using "grammar" as part of a title instead of an adjective. As in, "I am the Nazi of Grammar", vs "that Nazi is grammatical". :)

TheIsland, He/She doesn't need a lesson. It's the Internet. People talk like this. Although they didn't talk like the thirteen year old idiots on here. Kay buddy?

So what? I can say what I want how I want. Do you want me to talk like this? "welz me nd hr dnt nd a lessn" I could do way worse. I'm sure you've done it too.

And I'm sure the grammar nazis got on here and thumbs down my comment. Oh wait, I have to say my sentence perfect..maybe I should change a few things!! Not a chance.

Theisland, clearly you don't know how to use correct grammar considering you didn't put the period outside of the quotation marks. For example, "the island doesn't use correct grammar." would be the correct punctuation. You put the period out of the quotation marks like this, "theisland doesn't use correct grammar".


TheIsland, I got mixed up, okay? People are like that. Again, YOU HAVE DONE IT TOO. And that guy is right, you did not have correct grammar on that one sentence, should I call you out on that?

#154, actually they are 2 different scenarios and you are wrong.

#181, either is acceptable.

Ugh, I hate those teachers

I thought you were funny...

Lol teacher took that too seriously she also sounds self centered " mocking her intelligence"

Brooding99 15

Science teachers rarely did well in creative writing classes, so it probably brought up feelings of failure and regret for her. It amused me though :)

I doubt this.

I doubt this.

I doubt this.

I doubt this.

C6O12H6, the must know of Biologi

jessiejess020 0

And you must not know the how to spell correctly, Biology*

And you must also know that it's actually C6H12O6. I'd take biology again, sir. :p

A detention for getting a question wrong on a test? Wow that teacher sucks

lvlytwin 0

That teacher has no sense of humor..

Cereal_Is_Good 5

I hate teachers like that. What's the point of being a teacher if you hate you job and don't try to have fun with it?