By Anonymous - 22/9/2011 16:33 - United States
Today, my class was assigned lockers. Out of all the lockers in the entire school, mine is the only one to still have graffiti on it from last year. The tagger's choice of words? "Poop face." FML
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  NeatNit  |  32

32, sometimes FMLs get edited before they show up on the site (and sometimes after). This one is probably yours. You can check by looking at the OP's name and location and see if it matches what you wrote.

By  daryathebamf  |  0

At least you can use yours. I'm 4'6" and I have the top locker. I can't even reach the lock, let alone see it. I've requested a bottom locker but my counselors refused.

  Randy84  |  10

There is an easy fix for that if you're in the US, it's called the American's With Disability's Act I'm not 100% but pretty sure 4'6" meets the height requirement for dwarfism. Google it, and get yourself a new locker.