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Today, my class was assigned lockers. Out of all the lockers in the entire school, mine is the only one to still have graffiti on it from last year. The tagger's choice of words? "Poop face." FML
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The bad news is that the lockers weren't assigned at random. You were given that locker because of your poop face. Sucks for you, poop face.


at least you'll know what locker is yours all the time (:

The education system is hopelessly trying to tell you something

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Draw an arrow to the locker next to you

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What exactly is a poop face? Sounds miserable.

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Wait a minute... That same thing happened to me. I wrote an FML almost identical to that. Did you copy it, or are our lives strangely similar? :S

Don't be ashamed OP, own it. Represent for all the poop faces out there, I'm sure you'll earn some respect for it.

Bro, you stole my picture. Totally not cool.

32, sometimes FMLs get edited before they show up on the site (and sometimes after). This one is probably yours. You can check by looking at the OP's name and location and see if it matches what you wrote.

So? That's hilariously stupid, I'd love to have a locker like that because it would make me smile whenever I saw it. (:

At least his locker isn't number 666, that's what mine is.

lucky 90 I only get 109 its no fun bit a lot of my schools lockers have the numbers upside down its just a huge fail

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Woah,, last year my locker and the one next to mine said "poop face" across them. luckily mine just had the "face" part of it though!

sigh, first-world problems. "Someone ate one of my hotdogs without taking a bun... now I have an uneven ratio of hotdogs to buns."

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Your dp is so gross makes me vomit fml

Did you happen to check all of the other lockers by hand?

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Remember the code: P -People O - Order O - Our P - Patties

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At least you can use yours. I'm 4'6" and I have the top locker. I can't even reach the lock, let alone see it. I've requested a bottom locker but my counselors refused.

**** eggers. most annoying piece of shit in the world.

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There is an easy fix for that if you're in the US, it's called the American's With Disability's Act I'm not 100% but pretty sure 4'6" meets the height requirement for dwarfism. Google it, and get yourself a new locker.

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well thats shitty.. XD (im counting on thumbs down!)

The bad news is that the lockers weren't assigned at random. You were given that locker because of your poop face. Sucks for you, poop face.

Mine had a twinkie impaled on the hook inside it... What does that mean for me?!?!

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46- that person wanted to give you a Twinkie because your anorexic. Fatten up.

Well if the doctor said it, it has to be true

This is a bad fml every locker in my school has grafiti how is this bad

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Well either you're gonna rep it, or clean it which one?

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I would add on to it so it says "I poop faceted gems".

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Well maybe it can be translated to something cool and badass. You never know.

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Translated to what, might I ask?

Penguins Organize Outrageous Plots for Fantastically Attacking Children with Entropy.

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People Order Our Patties. REMEMBER: No one wants to be a squidward!

Yea, cuz we all know that something like ******** or smelly face sounds super badass

that can't be good for your self confidence!