b5b0n36 Say more :
hey, OP here. thanks for the suggestion! I will look into it cause chilli powder was a horrible disaster hahaha
By b5b0n36 - / Sunday 6 March 2016 02:38 / United States - Los Angeles
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  Enslaved  |  36

I stopped biting my nails years ago by always keeping a nail clippers on my key ring. I trim them super short and keep them smooth so I'm not tempted to bite the jagged edges. Worked for me.

By  IssacB  |  14

That sucks OP. However, it was only 10min later and you could probably feel it on your hands. I feel like you should have remembered and been more careful

  fohfuucba  |  21

It doesn't work that well, I'll be honest. Yes, I was reapplying it, it just didn't help the habit because it's a compulsion connected to my anxiety/mood disorder.