By yobruh - 17/05/2011 04:54

Today, I had a parent-teacher conference with my 8 year old son. He'd written "Chuck Norris" as the answer for every question on his test. FML
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hellogoodbye1996 6

so it was a parent teacher conference because he did exceedingly well on his test?


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Chuck Norris < Jack Bauer Just sayin'

that kid is awesome..he will go far in life.

bjohnst12 0
thesunsetglow_fml 8

Chuck Norris hates your jokes too.

Frelling 0

The thing I find most interesting about the Chuck Norris joke, is the fact that the original intended irony has been lost somewhere in the meme haze.

knight0748 5

It's obvious that the kid wants to say: Chuck Norris doesn't need to answer the questions, Chuck Norris IS the answer to all questions.

chuck norris is a multiple martial arts world champion, actor, republican, and christian. he is probably most known for his role as Texas ranger from 1993-2001. he started the kickstart anti drug program that teaches kids how to do martial arts as an alternative to drugs.

Thank you, 141, I don't have access to google.

PurpleRae420 0

Haha kids these days gotta love em

rallets 22

chuck norris doesnt sleep, he waits chuck norris sleeps with a nightlight, not because hes afraid of the dark but because the dark is afraid of him when chuck norris does a push up, hes not pushing himself up, hes pushing the earth down. chuck norris can divide by zero and count to infinity chuck norris went to the virgin islands, its now just called the islands chuck norris can swim through land chuck norris can slam a revolving door meh, plenty more :D lol

So the teacher was worried about his automatic 200% on the test?

hellogoodbye1996 6

so it was a parent teacher conference because he did exceedingly well on his test?

unless the question is "what is always the answer"

balest22 0

I once put that for a reason why dinosaurs are excinct

omg_a_BALLOON 0

So does that mean Chuck Norris is the answer to the question "What isn't the answer to everything?"

funnybunnylola 0

what is pi? chuck norris whos your mom? chuck norris see! hes a smart kid

This is so true if people would just forget knowing everthing they would know Chuck Norris IS everything lol

JuanGotti 0

chuck norris can take his red wiskers and tickle my balls. thats why bruce lee whooped his ass in that old movie

chuck Norris got in a knife fight once. the knife lost.

Infamous_Hawk 6

Some magicians can walk on water. Chuck Norris can swim through land.

Charlie sheen Is the answer, he's bi- winning

hunter989 0

Agreed what's the problem shouldn't he have aced it?

GuessWhatKids 13

Yes, Chuck Norris is the answer to that question because Chuck Norris isn't the answer to that question.

Bruce lee kicked chuck norris ass. But seeing as chuck is still alive he is the victor

heysup28 0

Bruce lee kicked Chuck's ass because the movie was not primarily intended for the American audience....just sayin

jesicaacosta 8


I'm so ******* tired of you idiots who think that some old Ginger is the biggest badass in the world. He is a ******* old man who could get his ass kicked by simple tasks. so please stop glorifying this washed out C list actor.

he better have got 100%. No, scratch that, he better have got 200%.

so he got an A+? I don't see the problem. you should be proud!

alexfmllemon 0

chuck Norris can slam revolving doors....chuck Norris doesn't get wet. wet gets Chuck Norris....when chuck Norris does a press up he doesn't push up he pushes the world down

MatheusRajuidas 5

And that is the trickiest special-effect cinematography have ever known.

gawd, bet he watches ask swifty, for all people who don't know swifty aka swift karate chop aka Matthew Brian brown, check him out on u tube

chuck norris attacks sharks when he smells them bleed and he doesnt battle, he just allows you to lose.

Chuck Norris found out that nothing could kill him, so he tracked down Nothing and killed it.

pandemic0774 2

Don't hate on chuck norris cause you're not as awesome as him

kbobcat 0

So she Wanted to congratulate him on making a perfect score

CrassKal 27

I did this once, except I was in high school. My friend managed to BS the teacher and get us an A.

U sir have heard of epic rap battles of history

iAmScrubs 19

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iAmScrubs 19

Aww, I thought my comment was clever until I saw #1 commented the same..:(

yohooooooo 5

yeah bro lets comment on your own status.

Chuck Norris *gets pussy. Fixed it for you.

ImaWiseGuy 5

chuck norris an superman once fought on a bet...the loser had to wear his underwear outside his pants...

SeedlessMe 13

Wtf are you talking about 25? He was commenting about his comment, not his status.. Perfectly acceptable. :)

PrincessesCrown 17
1waytoolive 1

Shit I'm out of directions!!

XHereNumberThere 0

@princessRiRi "I'm amazing at everything I do..." ROFLMAO! Fail.

awesomeloser14 0

right, cuz chuck Norris is all we need to know ^.^

CateXOX 0
Jenna_Tell_Yuh 0

I wanna be in on this.. so here I go, right :)

agaba 0

up your but an around the coner :D

I'm gonna shit kick you into last night. Chuck Norris can do that, right? Right.

I wish I was that kids teacher. "A" all the way.

NinjaKat99 0

Over the river and through the woods bitch!

xSonic 9
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ImaWiseGuy 5

this kids learned all the necessary qualities it takes to make it in this world.....

shannybannyy123 4

HAHA , your comment made me laugh

You're an idiot. Your comment says it all!

CateXOX 0


"I wear a black belt on the beard that I grow on mu dick."

can't wait till chuck prick dies hard.

beastin34 0

DumbAss teacher Chuck Norris is the answer to all questions

risforrrrcuhh 0

That would be funny if it hadn't already been said at least twice.

83-lol profile about you: I like reading other people's misfortune before bed it gives me happy dreams.

mylifesucksserio 15
brodymc 0

ur kid should be named enistine

Blake4477 0

so he scored 110% on this test right?

missy_lynn012 0

there used to be a street called Chuck Norris, but they had to change it, because nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives to talk about it.

cudi504 4
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zbennett 0

203 - I love fat people.... but you... not so much.

203 you've managed to combine the 3 things I hate in life: kids, fat people, and wiggers

traze 7

Chuck is always correct. Under his beard is another fist.

Lunchbox3 0

what beard? he shaved it dumbass.

traze 7
ImaWiseGuy 5

chuck norris didn't shave his beard, it's just off fighting bad guys at the moment dumbass!

for most men, their left ******** is bigger than their right one. for chuck Norris, each one I'd bigger that the other.

ImaWiseGuy 5

there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Chuck Norris lives in Oklahoma.....

Chuck Norris died 20 years ago, death just didn't have the courage to tell him that

ImaWiseGuy 5

after a long night of drinking chuck norris doesn't throw up, he throws down.....

Chuck Norris went back in time and ****** his own mother. He is now his own father.

LanaBabii252 0

Jesus could walk on water, Chuck Norris swims through land.

zbennett 0

hey wiseguy you are a dumbass, and traze your an idiot. maybe you both should commit suicide.

With logic like that, your kid is going to go far in life.

jvillan87 5

You're damn right he is! I did the same thing on my SAT's and scored a 2400!

jvillan87 5

You're damn right he is! I did the same thing on my SAT's and scored a 2400!

traze 7

Yeah and then you woke up with a slap from reality.

1waytoolive 1

WTF???!?? This kid should be in gifted classes!