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  species4872  |  19

Just wait until it's mother comes looking.

  species4872  |  19

Hang on a minute, Perth.... I suppose it's still Australia to the rest of ya.

By  species4872  |  19

Lenny the leaping lizard will leap no more.

By  vegantreegirl  |  26

Sadly, I can one up this. My husband and I had smelled something weird in our bedroom. We searched high and low and cleaned extra good. Opened windows to air it out, but nothing. Finally we figured out the dog bed was stinky. I went to wash it and a moldy dead lizard fell out from between the cushions. :( My guess is my naughty cat killed it and stashed it in the dog's bed (the dog in my profile picture.) So gross. I washed that dog bed really well.