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Either paranoid or suffering from PTSD. Or maybe your printer is serious about getting some paper by any means necessary. ("I need that paper now, b****! Don't make me hurt you!") I can't imagine why else it would sound like a gun being loaded.

Lol half asleep or what? I've never confused my printer with a gun. I did get scared by a dog I saw at work once that chased my friend around only to learn that putting up my hand like I was gonna throw something at it scared it off haha


#35 do you want to be the one to tell the pervy dudes that 98% of girls with "hot pix" on the internet are actually obese women or middle aged male truckers who like the attention from young boys...


That's true too. I'm not really a young woman- I'm actually a 56 year old, grossly overweight male with homosexual tendencies. I'm currently slathering my naked body in peanut butter and listening to my parakeet speak Spanish.


The main thing I grasped from that is that you taught a parakeet Spanish, which is impressive. I never even heard of foreign speaking parakeets, strangely. I now have the urge to teach a parakeet Russian.

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