By TuralSucks - United States
Today, I was the only one in an elevator when an attractive girl came in, talking on her phone. She told her friend, "I have to go, there's a cute guy on this elevator." Before I could even react, she turned to me and said, "Sorry for lying, I really wanted to get off the phone with her." FML
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By  k10tree  |  0

She was implying to her friend that she was going to flirt etc with someone on the elevator. It wasn't true and she wished to free you of obligations. She basically used you to hang up on her friend. The wording was unimportant, don't feel bad about it.

By  MadRhetoric  |  0

Her wording was awkward and you probably just misunderstood what she meant. Her excuse for hanging up was "I want to flirt with this cute guy" but she didn't really, so that's why she told you she was lying so you didn't think she was flirting with you. You being cute or not cute didn't matter, but the fact that that excuse popped into her head means she probably thought you were cute, but not her type or something.