By papersofdivorce - Peru - Lima
  Today, thanks to our computer's browser history, I found out that my wife has been searching for local therapists who deal with cases of severe sex addiction. We've only had sex twice since we got married four months ago. FML
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By  ColdplaySucks  |  18

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  r4m2k  |  10

It may not have anything to do with the OP but rather with a problem on her side. Besides, why do you assume automatically it's the guy fault?

  hama806  |  19

This may be true but OP and his wife really need to brush up on their communication skills. Seriously? Sex twice over 4 months and their sex issues never came up in conversation? Get to it OP!

  middlecyclone  |  5

Surprising her is a really bad idea. He should ask her about it without jumping to conclusions. Perhaps she thinks he has the addiction because he wants it more. Or perhaps she was searching it for her friend. There are plausible scenarios that do not equal cheating and hitting her with divorce papers unexpectedly could seriously compromise an otherwise good relationship.

  zandalee  |  19

No hang on... Maybe she thinks OP has a sex addiction because he wants more sex than the tiny amount they are having and she's looking sex addiction up for him. Makes you think huh?!

  PincessBoff  |  6

I didn't think of it that way! You really turned this into a mystery. If they've been married for months you would think they'd be having sex every few days, or even every day. But since they've only had sex a few times he probably begs her for sex... Which could be the reason to the search history! You have earned the Sherlock Holmes trophy.

  xMidna  |  6

That's the way I thought it was too 43.
Might just be my personal experience though, my partner thinks it's all kinds of wild to have sex twice in one week >.>

  Soloman212  |  28

I personally support this induction. Especially since they've only been married for four months; I'm sure it would have taken a "severe sex addict" longer than that to get tired of her hubby...

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

This was my train of thought initially. But I pity her (and the man, by proxy) if she thinks that having sex twice in four months is excessive. That's just weird.

In related news, having wildly opposite sex drives can make or break a relationship, so it might be worth looking into if that is truly the problem.

  middlecyclone  |  5

I agree with this whole thread. Obviously I think they need to talk about it but I don't necessarily think that it's definite that she's cheating. Chances are, if she actually did have a sex addiction...he would be getting a lot more than he is.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Don't know enough about Peru, but in some cultures the male libido is much more energized that the womans. It may very well be that 1) They didn't have sex before marriage 2) He's only just now finding out that she's just not that into sex, 3) They've only had sex twice, but he's been asking incessantly
so she thinks he's addicted

  fnyunj  |  3

some kinds of sex addicts have issues with having sex with their "legitimate" partner. They'll go have all kinds of risky sex with strangers, but then go home to their spouse and be all like; "I'm not in the mood". It's seriously fucked up, and frankly - divorce that shit.