By brittgreen - 11/08/2011 20:56 - United States

Today, I was supposed to catch a ride with a friend and go to Warped Tour with her. She called at the last minute to say she was sick, so I told her we didn't have to go. I just got a text saying she just got pictures and autographs with the band I especially wanted to see. FML
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wow your friends a douche


wow your friends a douche

aww that's so mean :(

Yes she is, but she is not a normal dousche, she is a gigantic dousche

12em12 1

16- dousche? Fail.

Some friend you have...

hellbilly205 17

Well that sucks....

lookALIVEsunshin_fml 1

owl city reference? :D

Sorry *douche, i was thinking in german

I don't think you should call her 'friend' anymore

I can't believe your EX-friend would do that to you.

LiveLaughFML 10

why are you still calling her your "friend" lol?

Prankster7o7 5

I don't douche is the correct word for her, I was thinking more along the lines of "bitch."

CaitiieBuggs 23

Those tickets can be pretty pricey, what a waste.

NeonBlack 0

Could've been worse. I could've gone for 30 bucks, met Black Veil Brides, A Day To Remember, and Asking Alexandria, and went to an afterparty, but my bitchy mother refused to let me go.

NeonBlack 0

And also, Five Finger Death Punch is amazing. Nice pic.

maybe your friend didn't want you to go deaf??? lol just trying to be optimist...but I guess this isn't the place for optimists....

I'll be at warped this weekend :)

I think you've got a nice rack. Yeah... you arn't the only one to think...

Damn_Hippster 11

Hey, what are friends for?

Check the photos again and I might be there Jk but that's a bitch move.

do the exact same thing. schedule a shopping day or something, then cancel, then send pictures of your new ******* purse or whatever you'll buy.

andy_l 14

Set double date, say you couldn't make it, send her pics of you making out with her date.

audiophileMom 11

#135 You're 19 according to your profile, why do you need your mommy's permission to do anything??

211 - stalker much?

NeonBlack 0

I'm 19 on everything, because some sites have restricted access unless you're 18 or older. And I live in an abusive family, where I've been told that i could die without my parents caring. But thanks for the sarcasm, asshole.

Jvr91 8

Everyone has one friend that turns into a douche

Jvr91 8

214 blah blah blah blah....oh i mean he's soooooo hardcore guys!!1!!!! *hyperventilation*

Dreamkiller51 5

well if it was Asking Alexandria u should be pissed because they're a pretty sick ass band and I saw them at warped tour

jiimbo344 0

Haha nerd listens to his mommy

Leave him alone. If he's really in an abusive family then your making fun of him doesn't help. I've had experience with that when I was in elementary school and I never stood up against my mom and the kids at school were all mean to me because I pulled my hair out from stress. Thanks a lot my fellow peers. At least in high school I made tons of friends.

nikkotine 0

ouchhhhh. I went to warped tour and had trouble finding a ride too. poor you :(

Yeah what a bitchhhh, it's ******* Warped!!

Say you went out too and saw Justin beiber fall down a flight of stairs, that will one up her.

#135 the exact same thing happened to me

wait till she needs you to do something for her, then cancel on her like she did to you. pay back is a mutha$&@!!!!

214 and 260- cool stories bros

That's a whole new kind of bitchy, don't you agree? A new all time low, for shame. *shakes fist* LOL

OP deserves better friends.Hope they're longer friends.

Sweej 1

Plan another trip to see a band that she can't wait to see. Say you lost the tickets, go to the show, bang the lead singer, & get their autographs. Ah... Revenge is sweet.

Dang it you beat me to it.

maybe ops a bitch to hangout with.

LiveLaughFML 10

oh my goodness your profile picture is BANANERS ^

Maybe you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your own ride instead of depending on people.

LoL clearly people probably disagree with what I said because they're the same as her, so it hits a nerve. All I know is, if there's a band a really want to see, I'll find a way there. Depending on other people is sheer laziness.


Exactly what I was thinking

OP could have found a ride, but she was being nice by saying they didn't have to go if her friend was sick. Honestly, I think she still should have gone, but that was her way of trying to be a good friend. Or maybe her friend had the tickets and pretended to be sick so she could go with someone else.

If she was "being a good friend" she would have gone over and made her friend soup or something. How does the OP staying home help her friend if they're sick?

Wow that is shitty. Did you have your own ticket or were you gonna pay at the door?

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Maybe the OP's friend had the tickets and feigned being sick so she could go with someone else. I don't get why she would then send a text about it, as though gloating, but perhaps she stupidly sent it to everyone on her contacts list. Who knows. She's still a grade-A douche.

^ the way it's wrote it seems like another friend sent it to her. And what you said is hella obvious.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

I got what 80 was saying. Maybe op never thought of that, even though it is incredibly obvious. Op your friend is a C-U-N-T. it had to be said.

that just shows how much she doesn't care about you. do the smart thing, and move on. you deserve better a better friend

IndiRae 9

I would have been so ******* upset. But not because my friend was a bitch, but because MC Lars is there.

I went to Warped last month. MC Lars+Weerd Science=total awesomeness.

i went to warped in San Diego

Thabb 0

Aw that sucks, Warped Tour has all the best bands.

I wish I could've gone!

sourgirl101 28

Sum41 is included in the line up.(:

emmanizzer 6

Sum 41 is the only band I even cared to see this year and they din't even come to AZ. :(

Llamassss 21

What about Against Me!? Or Big D and the Kid's Table? Two bands I would love to see but haven't yet.

queenoftrash 0

I went to see lucero...guess I'm too old for anything else and I swear I am never going again!

Coletrain7 0

Warped tour was amazing. ADTR kicked ass.

I'm going this Saturday!!! :D

ADTR sucks though, along with all the other bands in Warped Tour. Mayhem Festival sounds way better.

logkitty 5

yeah, if your 12.

I was there today! But Paramore didn't play today.

I wanted to see attack attack and a day to remember, however i was unable to get a ride ): i wouldve seen sum 41 since they were all i listened to for about a year but they were not coming to CT

bthomas0319 2

Yeah, she's not a friend..

dudemansweet 0

Your friend is a dick! it sucks u missed it

elmogoezRAWR 0

Your dick is a friend! It missed you sucks it.

Haha. Dick and suck in the same comment.

elmogoezRAWR 0

Punch her in the face and steal her purse.

12em12 1

I've seen this comment already, twice.

#41 haha I was about to say that. But anyways, why the need to steal the purse after falcon punch in the face?

elmogoezRAWR 0

Because money, that's why.

corruptblackkat 17

or punch her in the left ovary right in the baby maker lol