By EMTGirl'sLife - United States - Basking Ridge
Today, I responded to an emergency call for an intoxicated 83-year-old man with chest pains. As I leaned forward to check his lung sounds, he groped my chest and said, "Nice rack". I just wanted to see if he had difficulty breathing. I don't even get paid for this, I'm a volunteer for the town. FML
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  Bigfabthetruth52  |  22

yeah his comment was pretty funny, to me anyways.

  Vestin  |  18

#12: He's 83. You can't even terrorize a person of this age with a life sentence, since he's already on death row for the crime of being alive a long time. The looming shadow of death tends to put things into perspective.

  shessohighh  |  10

I hate how some elderly people think they can do whatever they want and everyone just kind of accepts it. What bullshit! I don't give a shit if you're going to die soon. Does that mean you should spend your last days being a cunt?

  baxwar  |  15

So being that this man is 83 fucking years old
He is much more fragile to any injury than the young
Beating the shit out of him, or ripping his dick off in your form
Would have a much higher chance of killing him
So if you were to go about beating him up and he turns up dead
Old or not you just committed murder so now this man is dead and you are the one serving a life sentence because he touched some tits
Cruel man just cruel