By EMTGirl'sLife - 10/02/2015 03:15 - United States - Basking Ridge

Today, I responded to an emergency call for an intoxicated 83-year-old man with chest pains. As I leaned forward to check his lung sounds, he groped my chest and said, "Nice rack". I just wanted to see if he had difficulty breathing. I don't even get paid for this, I'm a volunteer for the town. FML
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Good news: you apparently have a nice rack. Bad news: people are creeps. Especially drunk people.

marcmaralou 15

while that is perverted ... he's 83 and he's got nothing to lose


Let the old pervert suffer then. People who do things like that don't deserve your kindness miss.

Well, he was intoxicated.. But I don't think he was dying if he was capable of groping OP's chest. Which is pretty bad in my opinion.

#8 its horrible, I'm a guy but it I was a girl and some drunk creep groped me, I'd probably smack a bitch!

I would. Does that make me a bad person?

gobiteme2 34

You should have reached down to check the pulse in the femoral artery and gave him the thrill of his life by crushing his private parts.

Good news: you apparently have a nice rack. Bad news: people are creeps. Especially drunk people.

He was just returning the favor by checking for lumps to make sure you don't have breast cancer.

If he wasn't an elderly man, I definitely would've decked him in the face, regardless of his level of intoxication.

I actually take that back. No one would "grope my boobs" regardless of age. Definitely would've punched him.

Why are we cracking down on funny comments? Has the site turned to asses?

Bigfabthetruth52 22

yeah his comment was pretty funny, to me anyways.

I love it XD too good, he's 83, and drunk off his ass, he doesn't give a **** anymore

I'd sit on his chest until he apologized for being disgusting

If she has a bony butt, maybe, otherwise he'd just grope that too.

marcmaralou 15

while that is perverted ... he's 83 and he's got nothing to lose

Actually, he can lose his freedom. Drunk or not, old or not, it's sexual assault. You go to jail for that.

#12: He's 83. You can't even terrorize a person of this age with a life sentence, since he's already on death row for the crime of being alive a long time. The looming shadow of death tends to put things into perspective.

thsts not a life senctence, its like a five month sentence if that.

"Going to jail? Who cares, I'm dying in a year anyways."

He's probably thinking he better have one last feel before he hobbles off into the light.

I hate how some elderly people think they can do whatever they want and everyone just kind of accepts it. What bullshit! I don't give a shit if you're going to die soon. Does that mean you should spend your last days being a ****?

I had a 87 y/o female pt with breathing problems, but not really try and grab my junk when I went to check her lungs.

I wonder if grabbing junk feels as good to girls as grabbing boobs feels to guys?

If you were my girl friend, I swear I would rip his motherfucking dick off.

That's a tad bit violent, don't you think?

Perverts should get what they deserve regardless of their ages

drayloon 50

Wouldn't it be more practical to rip his hand off? Hell, at 83, his junk probably isn't very functional without "help" anyway lol

baxwar 15

So being that this man is 83 ******* years old He is much more fragile to any injury than the young Beating the shit out of him, or ripping his dick off in your form Would have a much higher chance of killing him So if you were to go about beating him up and he turns up dead Old or not you just committed murder so now this man is dead and you are the one serving a life sentence because he touched some **** Cruel man just cruel

sammyjanette 17

A swift kick to the sack would solve that problem, and you're a volunteer, so no need to worry about getting fired.

boydope420 8

He's 83 tbh it'll probably kill him.