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Today, I came home at noon from a long night out. I was surprised to see a woman I didn't recognize standing in my living room in a brown dress and heels. As I walked up to the door and knocked to be let in, the woman whipped around and I figured out who it was. My dad. FML
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I wonder what you guys talked about after that, it must have been reeeeaaaaally awkward =/


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That's wonderfully enlightened of you. Don't have children, in case you end up judging them for their differences.

YDI for having a cross dressing dad. that's ******* disgusting

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that's retarded. He's a cool person because he wears a dress? He could be a total asshole for all you know...

actually I agree wit #35 about possible assholeness mostly cause keeping things in can lead to.. negative feelings, and by the surprise of the person my guess is their papa may hay been keeping things in. Also, I've seen a few documentaries/books where it mentions some transgendered people and some crossdressers overdo it presenting as their biological sex when they're still 'in the closet' for obvious cloakish reasons, and the present male gender role is a bit.. strict from what I've read. Saying that, I'm very pro-transgendered, crossdressing, etc... gender presentation and identities, etc.

@#19 you are an idiot. if you feel like randomly copying sections of wikipedia or some other information site and posting it just to be a douche, at least choose RELEVANT information, like "cross-dressing" or "mrs. doubtfire." considering that this is a MAN dressed up as a WOMAN alone in his house, i really don't think that "condom" fits the situation, do you?

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. . . . I dont think you can really say that until it is your dad who is "cross-dressing" and your as old as the OP is considiring he still lives with his dad he must be still in high school. Would you seriously not freak out if you found out your dad is a cross-dresser?

Maybe, but you wouldn't be freaked out enough to act that way. Have some tolerant. If for example, your son/brother/uncle tell him he was gay/transgendered, would you use derogatory words on him and call him 'disgusting'? Let's hope not.

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I would not freak out if my dad dressed as a woman once in awhile in his free time. Who ******* cares? It's his life, he can get his kicks however he wants.

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well lmr you cant really know that until its ******* happened so dont spew bull shit over the interenet about "ya i wouldnt freak out"

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Dyld. . . the thing is his father didnt "tell him" he had to find out by himself theres a diffrence between being told and finding out

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Yes, I can and do know that, because I know myself and how I react to various things. It's a trait associated with maturing beyond 14, so I can see why you wouldn't understand. I know what I value in life and what I don't, and homophobia and fear of difference are not things that I value, while my father's happiness certainly is. Perhaps if you spent your time coming to terms with human differences rather than "spewing bullshit on the internet" you would mature a little bit.

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you said asshat. you are automatically my best friend xD

a. I don't think it's disgusting, it's just a little disorienting to come home to hung over and such. b. my friends are of all different sexualities, so it's not like it's a gigantic deal. it just was fml material, the way it happened.

Yeah and I'm not even straight and I think this is a FML who wants to see their dad dressed like a woman? That's something that I would rather not find out my dad is into.... I mean there's nothing wrong with it I guess but that's a really awkward thing to come home to. Plus my parents aren't divorced or anything and don't even have sex anymore so wtf that would give me creepy thoughts.

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It's not about tolerance, it's about being caught by surprise. Like the OP said, he was hungover and nine times out of ten, people simply don't expect to see their father dressed as a woman. It's safe to say the moment was a little awkward and a little foreign. Doesn't make him a bad person.

Haha, I wish he had posted Mrs. Doubtfire, it would be really funny.

I love Mrs. Doubtfire. :P And I really don't get how this is an FML. There's nothing wrong with cross-dressing, and thinking YOUR life is ****** because you have a parent that does it shows you're incredibly closed-minded.

Its not so wrong per say as weird to find YOUR DAD in a dress...just unexspectedly. And since it does say "after a long night" and he came at noon, the OP probablywas not in the clearest state of mind anyway. It be weird to walk in on no matter your view on cross dressing.

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hahaha, #19's a dumbass!! lfmao!

I will go out on a limb here and say there IS something wrong with coming home one day to find out your 40?-something Dad is a secret crossdresser, no matter what the everything-is-okay-don't-judge-anyone crowd says.

That is relevant, you just gotta see how it is. Maybe they put the whole condom definition there as another way of saying, the parent's of the OP's dad should have used them.

no I disagree, if you're a father (or even if you just have a wife) then you shouldn't be cross dressing

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Hahah yeah, compy and paste stuff from Wikipedia (or whatever) and paste it here when it isn't even relevant.

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I prefer the movie white chicks. Plu,s it wasn't him cross dressing it was his other personality duh!

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I suppose a **** punt is out of the question

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**** u man. What are you the fake police?

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I always wonder what people expect to get from calling out FMLs. In college, I went home with my roommate when her father wasn't expecting her and caught him dressed like a woman. He ran from the room and made us promise not to tell her mother. Considering the OP wrote that the "woman" whipped around, that sounds like being caught. That makes it seem legit, as opposed to the father kindly opening the door for his son.

well you had to find out at some point.

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I wonder what you guys talked about after that, it must have been reeeeaaaaally awkward =/

We didn't talk the rest of the day. We didn't really avoid each other, we just didn't interact anymore. I stuck to my room and he to his.

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No doubt about it, a solid FML.

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Cross dressing doesn't make you gay, so why would it matter if he and the OP's mom were separated? It's not a bad thing... but it /would/ be awkward and maybe a little disturbing catching your parent like that. I'm very open-minded, but it would be strange to see my dad in drag. Though, I guess your life is far from ******, OP. Heck, he has more of a reason to feel that way, since he got caught and you apparently think your life is ****** because of it.

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:o is he divorced? and if so do you see his girl friends naked ? ^.^