By Aether - 03/06/2014 22:51 - United States - Lake Jackson

Today, I got to explain to someone that "enjoying the warm, rich aromas of fecal matter" is not a good subject to use as an ice breaker for making friends. FML
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Thats...concerning. Also..really guys, first AND second comment?

I don't know.. Seems like a good conversation starter to me.. :c


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"It's a bold strategy. Let's see if it plays out for him."

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Well, if he tells a girl he takes really healthy sh**s, he'll probably get laid, just like the other FML tells about OP's friend...

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Up vote this because I didn't have such a bad puun

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You got to write the first comment and you used a stupid pun? Epic fail

"Oh, a risky attempt, will they accept him, probably not but let's see how it works anyway."

There's always that one guy. Today, you were that guy. *insert Gander Mtn. slogan*

That must've been a real shitty conversation!

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you must be new to fml. or you are just trolling

Thats...concerning. Also..really guys, first AND second comment?

I know this out of context, but you're really pretty. :)

I wish those kinds of commenters would just scat!

And within the same minute. That's also concerning.

I guess that person isn't going to make a lot of friends any time soon.

Maybe he'll just go around and ask that all day and when he finally gets the response he wants he'll know that he found his soulmate!

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Dump them? Are you sure that you read the FML correctly?

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8/21: your conviction--I like it.

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It because they should of took a dump instead of getting shit all over their conversation #20

Haha who starts a conversation like that?

Nice to meet you guys. By the way, did you catch a whiff of that fresh dog turd by the newspaper machine? Makes me think of French toast with a hint of almond glaze.

"Um, I'm Chris. Sometimes, I have to poop for a long time. Now it's your turn to say something." -Christopher Cross Griffin That's who lol

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To the tune of oscar meyers My poop has a first name and it really really smells. My poop has a second name but it doesn't ring a bell.

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Good to know there's someone else out there like me! (just kidding BTW)