By ann - 5/6/2021 14:00

Too real

Today, my daughter complained that she no longer wanted to talk about poop, as it grosses her out. This is a girl who can eat a rare steak while watching a guy’s arms get hacked off on TV, but poop is where she draws the line. FML
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  bleachedraven  |  14

yes 🤣

  bleachedraven  |  14


By  1known  |  29

A rare steak is not gross and is one of the three acceptable ways to eat a steak; the two other being raw and medium rare.
Eating steak another way is gross as any food wasting activity.

By  bleachedraven  |  14

You talk about poop so much it has now become a complaint amongst you and your daughter? 🤣

Ummmmmm, I've worked in hospitals I've 8 years and I still think poop is gross. people have barfed on me etc, I've seen open brain matter and blood all over the place, but I just can't do poop. some people are like that....