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Today, I got the bill for the flowers my husband arranged to be delivered to me while he's out of town next week. I also got the bill for the flowers he's sending to the floozy he'll be seeing next week while he's out of town. The gift tag for it was: "I can't wait to see you." FML
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Leave his stuff outside for when he gets back/ yard sale and change the locks. Cheating sucks. If you are not happy just leave, but don't stay with the jerk, makes you just as bad.

Send him a message or call saying "don't even bother coming home" and pack his shit up


Leave his stuff outside for when he gets back/ yard sale and change the locks. Cheating sucks. If you are not happy just leave, but don't stay with the jerk, makes you just as bad.

Thumb me down for this cheating is bad and all but there is nothing that makes me more mad than people touching "my" (in your pov it's you) stuff and let alone selling it can't she just break up with him and save the unneeded punishments. And "makes you just as bad" why stoop to his level you're better than that

ravenevercross 19

I stopped reading when you said the house belongs to both of them, but his stuff only belongs to him. Not sure about where you're from, but where I live, if you get married, your spouse owns everything you do. As such, it wouldn't be a crime for her to break her own things. Anyways, pricks like him get what they deserve.

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Sorry, but not this. Changing the locks and kicking someone out is ILLEGAL!!!

crazytwinsmom 25

Even in a community property state, anything a person had before the marriage is still their own. Only things acquired during the marriage are jointly owned.

I think the best case scenario for OP would be to hire a really good lawyer and get a divorce. The courts don't usually look favorably upon cheating scumbags. My guess is that he wouldn't get half of everything, and even if he did, there's always alimony.

@ #55 Maybe - but oh so satisfying when you make the point and cut your losses.

#63 I would like to agree but I know the courts have not been kind to my aunt in her ugly divorce. He cheated on her and has, on multiple occasions, not taken her kid home when he was supposed to, filed false information, and at one point he slapped her hard enough it left a bruise for days. When the police arrived they were both arrested (she shoved him after being hit). After 9 months she finally divorced and was allowed to keep the house and kid but had to give up most of her belongings (including their cars) . Now he is trying to get another trial as his lawyer sucked and was just disbarred (he advised my ex-uncle? to do illegal things, filed everything late and incorrect, and on a few occasions never showed up for court). My aunt paid 11K USD to get divorced the first time and is not sure she can afford another trial. The judge is seriously considering trying the entire thing over again.

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There's, no solid proof of cheating. If he's going out of town it may be a positive impact to an executive. Not likely, but that's what I took from that.

Because when I go out of towns to see my boss, I send them flowers and a card saying, "Can't wait to see you." How about no?

Send him a message or call saying "don't even bother coming home" and pack his shit up

Don't forget to ask if his piece on the side will come pick it up off the lawn or if he'll be doing it himself.

Dusty_Busters 15

don't even bother packing his stuff. just throw it away.

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Sounds like he's gonna be going asexual for a while whilst beating off his own stamen...

Except that Asexuality is a valid sexuality and not just something you 'turn for a while'.

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Simply leave a note on the door with a phone number to the divorce attorney. You should not have to see him ever again, unless it's in court.

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Personally deliver the flowers to her yourself, then lay the smack down on both if them! Sorry OP, cheating is douchebag status at the highest level.

Her? I don't mean to be rude but it was the husband who was cheating.

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I think he was referring to the "floozy" the husband was seeing while he was out of town.

No, just deliver the flowers to her, explain how you two are married, and the floozy will be mad too! Both of you give him the smack down!!

Send him flowers to his hotel with the message " congratulations on your divorce"

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Send him a bouquet of flowers with a letter from your attorney attached to it saying, "I can't wait to divorce you."

Don't call her a "floozy" she might not have any idea about you, either.

I agree with 11. I slept with a guy after dating him for a while, the next day I get a message on facebook calling me a ***** for sleeping with her boyfriend. Didn't have a clue this girl existed. If this girl does know then that's a different story and you can plan your revenge accordingly.

I have been there too, luckily I didn't hook up with him yet. But it caused a lot of problems. That asshole.

crazytwinsmom 25

Me too, twice, and I dumped them as soon as I found out.

Same here. I found out the guy I was seeing was already taken when I got the longest text I've ever seen, from an unknown number. She called me a **** faced ***** for trying to steal her boyfriend and ruin their relationship, among many other things. It was horrible. So don't go too hard on the "other woman" because it's the man who decided to cheat and the other woman probably has no clue. Unless you know for a fact that she does know and she is trying to steal him.

Well I can't wait until you break up with his cheating ass.