By SApprentice - United States - Danville
Today, I was at work talking to an older man. As our conversation ended, he said, "Thank you, ma'am." Then, he quickly stumbled over his words as he said, "I mean, thank you, sir. I meant sir. I think." He gazed at me for a moment in confusion, then darted away. FML
SApprentice tells us more :
Hello peoples, I do believe that the old man meant no harm. I'm not sure if his eye sight was bad, or if he just had different expectations for the way a woman should look. I look quite feminine usually, just not in my work uniform. My hair is very short for a woman, and since I am too slim at the moment I kind of disappear into my work clothes. I wasn't wearing make-up, so I'm sure I looked a little masculine to him. It's okay, my self-esteem was only briefly wounded.
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  Jac_d_ipper  |  10

Since u r a gurl just make sure that ur dressing and hairdo reflects ur femininity, if u still struggle then I suggest u reveal some cleavages or kick the offenders between their legs.

By  byron17  |  26

Why is it that the Old people are always making the horriblest jokes?!?!?

  NickaPLZ  |  26

I saw that original sheman post...

  Alihb  |  16

oh i switched 2 letters by accident. big deal. what im worried about is my profile pic. it used to be a disturbing drawing, now im seeing a bottle in an xray

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

You know, just to bring up another possibility, the person could easily be sexually ambiguous. At my (old - still kinda new, I /just/ graduated) high school they throw a poetry slam every year, and they have guest poets. For two years in a row the guest poets were two guys(?), one was definitely a guy, the other was an incredibly cool person named Teal. Teal was a little over weight (offering the small boobs or large man tits question), had slightly round face, short blond hair, a high voice for a guy but a low voice for a girl, and never gave a gender. We live in the pioneer valley, specifically we were in Northampton, so the occasionally slightly unclear appearance of transgender people is not uncommon, but people usually give the gender they identify as when they are trans, but since Teal didn't he could have been male, female, or transgender - no one knew, and that can be Really confusing when you find yourself in a statement that requires a gender specific term.

  spazz666  |  18

Honest mistake or not, OP just got told she looks like a man/ it's indistinguishable whether she's male or female. Not such great news in my opinion, and obviously not in OPs either.

Well it's true that nowadays looks are quite confusing for old people. In their youth, women wore dresses and had feminine haircuts. Men wore trousers and short hair if they were not hippies :)
Now lots of women enjoy baggy clothes and tomboy looks, lots of guys have long hair or look very effeminate (like the hipsters).
If it's not your case OP, he may simply have a very bad sight.

  Prolux_fml  |  23

Although those points are true, I could tell you with no difficulty whether someone's a boy or girl. If OP really looks that butch, she should maybe go for a little more feminine look if she doesn't want to be confused.