By WOWBear - 05/06/2013 09:46 - United States - Mesa

Today, a deaf customer came to my work. In an attempt to connect with him I introduced myself in sign language. He just rolled his eyes and pointed at my name tag. FML
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can't he see you were trying to be nice?

And thats when Id show him another bit of sign language... With my middle finger. Yea, yea. Customer service...


can't he see you were trying to be nice?

I would think the deaf pearson would be kind of happy to be able to comunicate with someone since not many people know sign language.

I did something similar, and the man I was communicating with was visibly surprised and delighted. He immediately started signing so quickly I couldn't keep up, so I simply said that I hadn't practiced in awhile. He always smiled at me whenever I saw him after that.

He has probably met tons of people who can only introduce themselves in ASL and nothing more. Kind of like I can order a beer and say hello in 22 languages and speak only 3 of them with anything approaching fluency.

It's the effort that counts. And disabled people wonder why regular people don't try harder. Why should we. If you can't win, why even bother trying at all.

Some people with disabilities don't like receiving special treatment/attention, which was why he was presumably annoyed.

#77- It's not so much the special treatment, but rather having people speak AT you like you're a child or mentally handicapped. The deaf guy was probably thinking, "Yeah, I ******* know. You're wearing a name tag. Just, because I can't hear doesn't mean I can't read." It gets tedious.

I'm hearing impaired, and I completely agree. Though I can speak very clear for someone with an impairement, people still speak loud around me like I can't hear them and it does get rather frustating.

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he can see, it's the hearing that he cant.

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how a deaf "CUSTOMER" come to "work"

Don't let him discourage you! Keep it up, :).

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What I wanna know, is how exactly he knew the person was deaf? O.o it's not like they wear a sign that reads, "I'm deaf"... Unless in this case he was at which point you could disregard my question.

And thats when Id show him another bit of sign language... With my middle finger. Yea, yea. Customer service...

I don't know why you're getting thumbed down. I totally agree. Lol Ungrateful people come in all shapes and sizes--and they all deserve to be told to F off.

Who knows? ...I guess they just don't understand us cats. One day they'll see our logic... One day! Mew ha ha ha!

Truer words were never said before! ( truer or mewer? Hmm. Hmmm. ) All bow before your fuzzy overlords!

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Well, at least you tried to be friendly. That's what counts!

Good for you for being considerate of someone's needs. Don't let it get you down, just laugh it off and move on

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Well, just because you're deaf doesn't mean you can't be a prick.

Just because you're hearing doesn't mean that you know how it's like to be a deaf person and to be pitied by hearing people because we're deaf.

Wtf? OP didn't pity the guy. And no one here is pitying the guy. There's no pity here. OP wanted to connect with the customer. Maybe so he would feel more welcome and be more likely to seek help.

Common courtesy nowadays can lead to unfavorable circumstances and situations. Don't worry about it.

If I were deaf, a total stranger communicating with me through sign language would definitely brighten up my day.