By Jessie - 05/07/2011 16:34 - United States

Today, I got stuck listening to my coworker bang on about how sexy her fiancé is for almost an hour. She told me about their sex life, described his dick in great detail, and showed me pictures of him shirtless. My coworker is 49; her fiancé is 56 and overweight. FML
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at least she didn't show pictures of his dick...


who wouldn't be jealous of that fat sexy man?


MAN BOOBS FTW!!! Very sexy! ;)

JoHan55_fml 7

agreed ^^ sooo freaking sexy!!! ahh

wintamint101 7

can i be her??!!??!

that's freaking Sexy,(;

randiZ25 0

ah yes, the convenience of being able to share a bra with your man would be appealing to almost all women.

Tell me about it! We can splurge and go to Victorias secret but still split the cost!!

KingGeorgeGal 12

Why didn't you just ask her to stop?

LOL... rough

iSlappedCupid 0

Hhmm EXTREMELY hotttt =)

I think it's sweet that she loves someone that isn't classified as "attractive" on paper.

Yeah... but if OP's fiance is not a KY Thoroughbred, that's still something to brag about.

squishy01 0

Mmmm… hot rolls... whoops! I mean Fat rolls.

ohhhhh yeahh now thats what I'm talkin' 'bout! ;)

only in America!

MrFlintstone 5

io like them big I like them chunky

ahhh, is blind..

manMadeFAIL 7

like peter girffen said " fat sex is great"

..... Lemme go change my underwear..

Altosax 4

hey if she thinks that's sexy, good for the both of them.

Pomno 0

I seen that episode!

that doesnt mean they can't have a fulfilled relationship and a great sexlife does it...

zachgriggs13 0


xxsarahfxx 6

Well we all like them different? :)

I'm mr bucket put your balls in my mouth!

imnotcraZ 0

you watch raywilliamjohnson!!!

Lumenoire 0

She likes big butts, and she cannot lie.

^but she adores them on a guy

icrest80 4


My mom is49. My dad is 56..... And overweight

Jess1008 4

gross! tell her to stfu

Why would "saving the flying unicorns" solve anything?

Lauren10102 3

what doesn't "saving he flying unicorns" fix?

If she went off to "save the flying unicorns" then the OP wouldn't have to listen to her talk. FML for the unicorns though, they would have to listen to her.

Yeah, you should have described your, "I don't give a fuck" impression in great detail.

hook_em 0

no no mrsassypants they are not "saving the flying unicorn" they are specifically "scratching from unda-cheese"

10 sounds nice, ooooo.

lovelaughing101 1

that's what I would do! I don't need to listen to things I really don't want to hear...

fmyli 0

i just might puke now...

KingGeorgeGal 12

I bet they are hairy.. even better!

at least she didn't show pictures of his dick...


It's a cat. You asshole.

who are you his body guard

dont fucking get emotional you fucking dick head.its not like i said anything bout your fucking pic soo shut your mother fucking mouth before i start on piece of shit

You just can't stop getting moderated can you?

What did saga_ say? I can't read it cuz it's moderated. Pls fill me in :)

apparently not haha. gotta love trolls

I love assholes that first make an FML account and thing they can curse and troll all they want. There's mods and rules that must be followed.

ym5 0

house keeping that's a cool owl

maybe op didnt mention that part XD

sorry about everything i said before i was only playing.anways nice picture ; )

saIty 17

She wants you to admire his manboobs.

Yocomedy12 0

I believe you mean moobs, good sir.

enonymous 8

Can I have his phone number? I was sold at 56 and overweight

lilmisslovely13 15

You know, I was thinking that this really was an FML until I got to the part about 56 and fat. I'm incredibly jealous of OP and OP's coworker. ;)

get in line, those moons are mine

you know u like it lmao.

Suggest very casually that she invest in glasses to help her see better.

so you have to be young and fit to be loved? nothing wrong with that.. and op didn't have to listen.. this isn't really a fml...