By omfgfmlife - 05/07/2011 14:32 - United States

Today, my mother insisted I thoroughly water all the plants in and around my house before some people turned up. This would be fine except 90% of them are fake. She is convinced it will make them look "realer." FML
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xxsarahfxx 6

Always listen to your mother ! :)

Just be lucky you didn't pick up her genetics, hopefully.


manatees_r_epic 0

So? I don't see the problem.

xxsarahfxx 6

Always listen to your mother ! :)

lakaiskate 12

moms always know best dont they?

Lauren10102 3

I don't get the FML here! I water my fake plants to make them look realer, and I stopped watering my real plants cuz that makes them more perfect like fake plants right? I mean, I'm no idiot I know these things

You heard your mom! she wants them to be cleaned durr.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Pretend you actually did it and if she asks why it's not wet just say the plant absorbed it up already, it's worth a try(:

Lol I know someone who didn't realize tht the flowers at the front of his house were fake so he kept watering them FYL OP

katsteak 0

:o no wonder my plants never died!

blanquito 1

was this after her and your dad barked at everyone on the way home??

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op's mom should read and see if she seems smarter

GuitarFail123 9

Just be lucky you didn't pick up her genetics, hopefully.

KingGeorgeGal 12

There should only be ONE nut job in a family.

fill her bed with soil and REAL flowers lol

But then it would be kinda like Facebook an I like FML the way it is. If you want to like it though you can add to favorites and you can comment "lol" and even though people will thumb you down for saying that, you still said what you wanted too.

muchagente 5

ydi for hosting fake people

Mrrevorp 0

Hey, I like obvious statements. I can't always figure out who's the retard of the FML....

youre comment was horrible , but your picture is awesome..

green_eggs_and_h 0

Your mother should grow a little common sense.

if you would water the plants, she woudn't need to have fake ones.