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Today, a couple asked me to donate my eggs so they could start a family. When I refused, I was called heartless by my ex-husband and the woman he cheated on me with for over two years. FML
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Just buy him some eggs from the grocery store! Lol

Well there's and example of a horrible person, sorry OP


Just buy him some eggs from the grocery store! Lol

Im eggshausted after reading your comments -_-

This is one of the funnier comments I've ever seen on fml ? well done

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Give them a shocker and buy some Brown

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So basically your ex-husband wants to have your & his child and raise it with another woman? His audacity amazes me...

Too bad is so far away still but you now know what to do next Halloween: Throw eggs at their house.

I wouldn't even waste the money or the perfectly good eggs on that jerk. The only thing he's worth is a middle finger. Ugh ! This FML is infuriating! OP's ex is a major douche !

Well there's and example of a horrible person, sorry OP

So sorry to hear that OP - terrible behavior on their part (then and now). I was recently told off for supposedly telling my daughter not to call her father's latest (third) partner "Mum". I've been a step-parent myself and would never have dreamed of asking either child to call me anything but my first name. I like someone's idea of buying them some (chicken) eggs from the grocery store - a little cruel but soooo deserved! ;)

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Not to mention, worst grammar ever.

ya screw him. you made the right decision and it obviously shows that you were the smart one of the relationship. sorry you had to go through that tho.

I'm pretty sure screwing him would make matters worse...

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They must be either extremely desperate or utterly shameless.

Shameless, for sure. There are so many other resources available for that.

it doesn't mean she's heartless. if she doesn't want to then you can't make her. its her body anyways. secondly idk why the new girlfriend is saying heartless to OP for. she should do it herself before judging

Presumably, the other woman cannot.

The gf her husband cheated on her with is the on that needs the egg...

It's alright OP. Do not allow them to make you feel pressured or guilty for making this choice. After what they both did to you, to even ask such a thing is unfathomable to me.

Dude must have same Boulder balls to come ask you. Didn't you sucker punch the prick?!

"You could have had them... IF you had stayed with me." (and not cheated) *walk away*

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