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  more4me  |  27

I wouldn't even waste the money or the perfectly good eggs on that jerk. The only thing he's worth is a middle finger. Ugh ! This FML is infuriating! OP's ex is a major douche !

  BeachGirl27  |  23

So sorry to hear that OP - terrible behavior on their part (then and now). I was recently told off for supposedly telling my daughter not to call her father's latest (third) partner "Mum". I've been a step-parent myself and would never have dreamed of asking either child to call me anything but my first name.

I like someone's idea of buying them some (chicken) eggs from the grocery store - a little cruel but soooo deserved! ;)

By  chilty  |  16

ya screw him. you made the right decision and it obviously shows that you were the smart one of the relationship. sorry you had to go through that tho.

By  IridianShadow  |  20

They must be either extremely desperate or utterly shameless.

  shemademedoit  |  20

it doesn't mean she's heartless. if she doesn't want to then you can't make her. its her body anyways. secondly idk why the new girlfriend is saying heartless to OP for. she should do it herself before judging