By why yes, I do mean "ex-boyfriend" - Netherlands - Oosterwolde
Today, I got sent home early because a large fire broke out at work. I was greeted by the sight of my cocktard of a "boyfriend" making out on my sofa with another woman. He actually had the audacity and brass balls to claim he thought she was me. FML
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Anyone else think its pretty obvious op is a regular fml reading because of her name? Since people usually reply "u mean ex boyfriend" to these types of fmls. It's like op answered beforehand.

  Jake_Hale  |  7

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  hcollins1  |  18

19, even if I do get drunk, I still know what I'm doing. Just because you drink does not mean it's ok to cheat or anything else. It's still cheating regardless of the situation.


Yes. The double standard is so silly, and I'm saying this as a female--just because it benefits my gender doesn't mean I should think it's okay. Domestic abuse is NOT acceptable, and it's an issue of human rights, not gender.