By alone - 23/09/2011 11:04 - China

Today, I was sent home from work early because of structural issues. I walked in on my unemployed boyfriend cuddling another woman on the couch. When I confronted them, he freaked out and kept trying to convince me that I was dreaming. I don't know what I ever saw in this loser. FML
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perdix 29

Are you sure you didn't catch his long-lost twin brother, the one with the terrible accent?


Slap him in the face continuously. And say your only dreaming.

monkeys1315 0
allenye818 2

Must be the same guy with the twin brother and weird accent.

tjv3 10

at least he didnt say "it wasn't me"

rallets 22

saw me banging on the sofa (wasnt me) shaggy!!

Sorry, i meant to say to #25, totally saw what you did there XD To OP, I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Gotta give him some credit for a creative excuse though! He must have had plenty of free time, what, without a job and all.

lolwtfwasthat 0

Good call... He's a jerk. Dump him tell him if he doesn't have his things out by next week you shall commence in burning them.


A penis to give you pleasurable sensations? ****** don't take out the trash.

missdaulton 0

...what is your point? Neither do men!!

rexgar2000 10

LOL holy shit this is hilarious.

Dude ya might wanna check yer German. The only thing you can love in the German language is a person... And favoriten?? Srsly? Try lieblings ... Not too bad otherwise

Scheisse! Mein Deutsch ist manchmal nicht so gut. It's been a while.. Lulz

OP, you can get a better hardworking boyfriend!

The your dreaming technique never works unless you hit them over the head with a saucepan.

jessicaaababy 8

You deserve so much better! You deserve a boyfriend who can support you and who is trustworthy and loves you :)

jessicaaababy 8

Well she shouldn't be supporting his lazy, ungrateful, cheating ass that's for sure :)

Jennyboo5797 4

Why does supporting someone always have to be about money??

Calm down geez lol 2 incomes are better than one.

Pentadik, having a partner who 'can' support you is probably more relevant today than in the 1950s, so if she were to fall pregnant or develop an illness or couldn't work for whatever reason, she would have a back up plan. Not saying the man HAS to support her or that it's impossible alone, but I'd say she deserves someone who at least makes an effort to look for jobs instead of screwing other women.

rldostie 19

I agree with Pendatik. In today's day in age, no one should be expecting a man to support a woman simply because he's a man. And even looking for a man who COULD potentially support you is far-fetched. In today's economy, it takes two incomes to get by in a comfortable manner. A man shouldn't be expected to financially support (as inferred by the first poster) his girlfriend simply because of what swings between his legs. Nor does a woman "deserve" to be financially supported simply by virtue of being a woman.

What about us women who like being stay at home mothers and our husbands being the only one employed outside the home? I love the way my hubby is kind of like the 50's opens doors, sweet, no problem supporting our family even when we were dating he always paid I never expected him too but I never told him not to

rldostie 19

Cinderella, that's fine, but your choice has nothing to do with the conversation. It's not the action that is the issue, but the demand or expectation based solely on gender that is the problem.

To rldostie and pandatik, you both prove such valid points. Funny how women want jobs and rights and equal treatment, but they want the man to do all the real work, and, my favorite, the ever annoying "Oops, can't punch me back, imma girl~~~" statement.

mzimaginarium 1

Because love can't pay the rent.

143, you are a true idiot. not punching women has more to with the fact men are often physically stronger and have more of a tendency to take the violence too far. So yes to equality, no to domestic violence ( against both genders)

Istalkrexgar2000_fml 0

lol Not even gonna lie. That's hilarious.

perdix 29

Are you sure you didn't catch his long-lost twin brother, the one with the terrible accent?

Your boyfriend's an idiot. You may now slowly move on.

Why slowly?.. Dump his cheating ass and run!