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Today, I got screamed at by a woman at work for feeding her 3-week-old infant formula instead of the bottled Kool-Aid that she packed. FML
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Really hope you informed the authorities, poor, poor baby.


nightowl713 25

I am not normally one to instantly say call CPS, or the equivalent, but a baby that young can not SURVIVE on kool aide. Baby's need ALL of the vitamins and nutrients breast milk/formula offer. I read in the news not too long ago about a vegan mom giving her newborn a milk alternative and the baby died of malnourishment. So report it, and save that baby's life.

nnnope 26

34 - I thought the vegan mom's baby died because she breast-fed it, but because of her diet the baby died of malnutrition either way this woman needs to be separated from that baby NOW. what the **** is wrong with some people!?

Actually, the baby died from pneumonia and not being introduced to solid foods early enough (though the vegan breastmilk may have put it at higher risk). Although it does cause problems occasionally due to lack of care and research, as long as the mother is taking B12 supplements (and possibly one or two others), I'm pretty sure vegan breastmilk technically shouldn't be a problem.

Does that complete "The More You Know" section of the comments? Cause I just learned a lot, and I thought this wasnt an educational site. But what do I know? Call CPS. Some people shouldnt breed, that mother was one of them.

One should never complain about learning nee things. Especially when you obviously have the free time anyways.

skyeyez9 24

I would hope to think even honey boo boo's parents aren't stupid enough to feed an infant kool aid.

Neither of the products she had to feed the baby are nutritional enough. I would definitely call CPS and inform them that this psycho woman actually preferred you to feed her child kool aid over the formula, since she's dumb enough to attempt kool aid she probably didn't even attempt to breastfeed. And before everyone goes in attack mode, no you're not dumb if you don't breastfeed, my point is this woman probably didn't even try as she thinks sugar filled powdered artificially flavored drink is safe. Which is what formula is minus sugar add pesticides.

@107 - Are you saying kool-aid has pesticides, or formula? :/ I hope neither.

110. Formula does. Very small amounts so its safe to sell. It's on the label.

monnanon 13

107-there is no benefit of breastfeeding over formula. not a measurable difference anyway. providing formula to a nursery for your child is perfectly fine and despite your claims otherwise you clearly think bottle feeding mothers are inferior.

monnanon 13

it was just breastmilk from the mother which i suppose from her diet would technically make it vegan breastmilk. if its the same news story i saw then the problem was that they were only feeding them breastmilk which caused the children to be malnourished due to their age.

114, that's where you're wrong. There is a HUGE benefit to breastfeeding over bottle feeding. I don't think if you bottle feed you're inferior, I just know that it is not best for baby, and yes I DID formula feed at one point so I have a valid point on both. My best friend bottle feeds. She can't stand it. Have you ever tasted formula or breast milk? A baby should be fed no matter what, but in Africa they don't have a choice but to breastfeed and wet nurse and extended nurse. I researched formula over breast milk before I had a baby. Breast milk adapts to the child and is naturally made while formula is powdered and factory made. Breast milk is free and formula costs as much as 50 a can. My best friends daughters formula is 50 a can.

116, that is awful that the baby ended up malnourished.. The vegan mother should have been supplementing with vitamins and possibly protein. Because trust me, my son at 26 lbs and 7 months 3 weeks 2 days old, 1% solids, 99% breast milk, is doing great. So it depends on the nutrients in the moms diet. She should have been consulting with baby's pediatrician.

TheDrifter 23

Is your son moved to an all vegan diet? (to supplement breast feeding if you haven't stopped yet). My sister is a pediatric nurse and gets one or two children a month through, seriously ill from malnutrition because vegan parents didn't properly adapt their diet for the infant (which I find insane, as what infants should eat seems so obvious and intuitive to me). The problem she usually finds is exotic grains and plants in the diet that the child can't digest, or which overload the child with heavy minerals they can't process.

125, me? I was referring to the precious comments about the news story. My son is breastfed still. And will be as long as he wants.

monnanon 13

119 i have tasted both and found them to taste the same. i was bullied by the nurses in the hospital for not breastfeeding even though i attempted it and could not physically do it. breast is not best. you need to read some new studies if you still think that is true.

107 my mom breastfed my twin sister and I but with her second pregnancy she found she wasn't lactating, maybe that's why kool aid mom didn't try breastfeeding, though feeding your infant and expecting it to be ok is unacceptable and she's a bad mother

119, in Africa you do have a choice whether or not you want to breastfeed. South Africa anyway

countryrose92 23

Breast feeding provides natural nutrients and antioxidants and things that cannot be properly duplicated in a lab. Formula is an attempt to duplicate the benefits of breast milk but synthetically made things are not always as good as natural. I understand some people need to feed formula, and in those cases formula is the best thing for that child (not kool-aide) but if at all possible, breast milk is the best thing for a developing child from birth to at least one year of age. Even if it is pumped and then bottle fed. People who feed formula because they cannot breastfeed are not worse people or looked down upon, and I'm sorry for anyone who felt this way. But scientifically and nutritionally breast milk from the baby's own mother is in fact better for the baby. Check out: In the meantime lets just all agree that breast milk AND formula are both exponentially more beneficial for a baby than kool-aid or other sugar filled soft drinks that Children under 3 shouldn't be drinking. :)

133. Clearly you need to do some research. Maybe my taste buds are screwed up as well as my fiancé's, and my sister's. because breast milk is sweet while formula has a chalky nasty flavor. Breast is best as long as you aren't filling it with junk. Formula is full of junk. Research it using the link from 146, because clearly you haven't done any research on the facts of breast milk and formula. Know better do better.

monnanon 13

hmm funny that because the formula i had was very sweet and actually very tasty as was breastmilk. as i stated before my son is three and health wise is doing better than breastfed children i know (neither were born with any conditions) no doubt breastfeeding is great if you can manage it but dont try to dress up formula as its poor cousin. maybe if you did some independent research instead of pro breast then yoy would see there really this no difference.

Breast milk provides enzymes and antibodies that can never be found in formula, especially colostrum (thick yellow fluid that the mother produces before she actually starts making milk). Babies also take longer to and digest less of formula than they do formula (which is why their stools are so different than breast fed babies). No kid will die if being fed an FDA approved formula but they are NOT the nutritional equivalent of breast milk.

countryrose92 23

I'm sorry you couldn't breast feed 133, and formula is the very best thing you could have done for your baby in that situation and I'm sorry the nurses made you feel bad about it. I'm glad you tried breast feeding, I respect anyone who tries it. :)

There is still a huge difference. That's awesome your son is doing great. Research what's actually in the formula and then research what is in breast milk. They must have changed the formula of the formula because it was gross when I last tried it. To each their own I am just offering up information and stating my opinions. Not looking to out formula feeders down. Great moms feed their children. The one the FML is referring to was wrong for trying to give her child kool aid. I have a friend who's doctor actually told her to feed her son butter.. BUTTER. To a four month old. She didn't do it, and hopefully this woman's doctor didn't tell her to feed a baby kool aid. People who don't properly educate shouldn't reproduce, no that's not towards formula that's towards the doc recommending butter and the kool aid mom.

tjv3 10
tjv3 10

This is why there needs to be a test before you can have kids

#119 - not to mention the whole passing on the mothers immune system through breast milk to the infant. Science says the first 6 months, breast feeding is the best option if possible. After that, baby is building their own immune system and either method is sufficient. But what do I know? I was formula fed because I didn't like my mother's breast milk and wouldn't eat and my immune system is amazing.

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Breastmilk is the best thing for an infant. Sometimes that's not possible, and I understand that. But in no way is formula equivalent to breastmilk.

222, 6 months is great to breastfeed, but breast milk doesn't stop developing the immune system after then. It continues to adjust to baby's/toddler's bodily needs as they grow and breastfeed, my sons immune system is wonderful, he's been sick maybe 3 times in 8 months. My immune system is also great, I was formula fed as well, my mom was never informed of the difference between colostrum and milk, so she thought it was infected. Any amount of breastfeeding is great for anyone. As long as they tried, then there's nothing to be upset about.

senkintyhma 3

Well, with that logic regular milk from a cow is "vegan milk" too... and thus lacks in all nutrients? *eyes rolling*

133-you shouldn't believe everything you read on google. Talk to a doctor. Breast is Best!

165- My friend had a baby who refuse to eat, he lost a ton of weight rapidly and they thought because of her breast reduction 7 yrs ago she wasnt lactating properly. He ended up being tube fed for just over 6 months and when he finally did start eating lost a lot of weight again. Their pediatrician recommended adding butter to everything. Checking labels for high fat foods such a greek yogurts while that worked for keeping his weight stable he wasnt gaining so she tried the butter and he gained to where he needed to be. He is 2.5 now, healthy but his weight still needs to be watched closely and from time to time butter is still what boosts his weight to where it needs to be with his height and age!

monnanon 13

164 please do not patronise me. my decision does not require your or anyone elses validation. breast is best was debunked at least a year ago and was published in many newspapers and news sites. they concluded there was no measurable difference. look at a class of xhildren. can you tell at a glance which ones were breastfed. nope not at all. dont assume that because my opinion doesnt fit your ethos that it isnt an informed one.

My sister is formula fed and she's had 1 lot of the sniffles in 2 years...

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Yeah, double posts do happen, not that often, but they do happen, so don't sweat it (:

Really hope you informed the authorities, poor, poor baby.

If OP didn't then they are just as bad as the mother. Babies cannot protect themselves so when their parents are complete idiots they need people like OP to step up and help them.

52, you're retarded. Giving a baby that young koolaid and not formula or breast milk will kill it. You're comparing someone calling the cops about someone smoking weed and calling the cops about someone essentially killing their infant??? Yeah, like I said, you're retarded.

No, 'cause a consenting adult smoking weed isn't doing anyone else harm. Feeding a newborn baby anything but breast milk or formula is neglect/abuse which leads to death and is no way related to "ratting out" someone having a joint. C'mon.

Really 52? Just so you know there's a difference between smoking weed and killing your infant because you're a complete moron. I have often stated my opinion on weed. I am all for it, it's your body, whatever. I even whole heartedly believe it should be legalized. As for you sir, please do not reproduce please. You will probably be just as bad as the woman OP described.

If OP does work at a daycare it is their responsibility and legal duty to report any and all instances of abuse and/or neglect [suspected or confirmed] to the authorities. If that child does come to harm and it comes up that OP failed to say anything, like they knew the mother was giving it sugar water at 3 weeks of age, they could be held criminally liable as well.

skyeyez9 24

Given the shit record of CPS (removing kids who didnt need to be removed, and not taking valid child abuse calls seriously and the kid ends up murdered), I don't have much faith CPS would do much

spaced94 15

The post didn't say that the mom always sends kool-aid. Maybe she sent it that day because baby has diarrhea

Kool-aide must be a magical drink to cure diarrhea. For a 3 week old their stools will and should be close to diarrhea- that is normal. As for a 3-4 month old suffering from diarrhea it is best to add a little bit of rice cereal into a bottle of breastmilk or formula to harden the stool up some but not to much. I can tell you never have had any kids #143.

I'm baffled at what some people think are home remedies for things. Kool Aid?

DreamStatic 8

I have twin 4 month olds and mom use boiled sugar water or boiled kool-aid to help with constipation. It will not kill the baby it's actually better than giving them fruit juices that could cause an allergic reaction.

4 month olds eh? Why not feed them one container of stage one prune food. It helps and you're not feeding shit to your child that they cannot disgest. Babies cannot break down dyes in kool aid and it's too much sugar for their tummies to handle!!! UGH.

DreamStatic 8

My kids have food allergies so I give them straight powdered glucose. Infants can break down dyes you should see their oral immunizations they're like a rainbow, going dye free is purely parental preference. And in some cases sugar water, pedialyte, or drink mix will be used to combat mild jaundice.

hcollins1 18

There's a reason why 52's name is 'raunchypirate420'.

eddietrucker 2

216 - can't really support you on the 'dyes just pass through and are harmless' attitude. most dyes are petroleum based and can cause serious personality changes in children. we noticed that our near three year old has dramatic responses to red dye #40. he gets violently hyper and feels ill. he can even identify if the food he is eating has it in it; he will throw it away. the other colors aren't a whole lot better. just our experience. take it with a grain of salt.

aidem1988 7

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Pretty sure he meant his wife has to go through the same shit as OP.

You had better mean a normal day at work for your wife!

Childhood obesity, here we come... It can't be healthy to teach your children to like sugar that early on life. I'm not even going to speak about the nutrious values of Kool Aid VS formula.

If the baby isn't getting necessary nutrients, then it won't live to become an over weight child.

DreamStatic 8

kool-aid and sugar water is often used to relieve/prevent infant constipation due to high iron. She shouldn't be switching out the child's provided food.

Something is seriously wrong with that mother.

elizacandle 29

that baby's life sucks! oh my gosh... call child protective services!

Introduce an IQ test needed to have kids please.

monnanon 13

i would agree but good parenting and IQ do not go hand im hand. a parental apptitude test would be better.

There should be a required parental aptitude test after an also required parenting class you have to take, and if you don't pass it by the time you have your baby, you get your kid taken away until you do.

No no no, not an IQ Test, because lots of people with a normal or even high IQ will still be horrible with children. Isn't there a lot of things you need to do before you adopt a child? Can't we just apply that to every parent to be? Or some mandatory lessons!

Yes, hopefully you informed some type of authority. A 3 week old infant should have anything but formula. May god be with that baby!!

Should have nothing BUT formula/milk!! Too early!!

I think you mean should *not* have anything but formula, but breast milk is better.

38, not sure why you got thumbed down, because breast milk is better. Unless the mother eats absolutely horribly and drinks coffee and alcohol, lol.

Umm, 78 I drink coffee on occasion, at least 2-3 times a month and at most 5-8. Depends on the month and its a small amount. I could eat better but I'm not on drugs and I'm not consuming loads of alcohol. My son's fine, I would never give him formula ever again. He had it the first three days of life and I wanted to cry every time I had to give it to him. And then my milk came in. I have slowed my coffee intake greatly as well as my soda. Formula should be the very last option a woman should use. They should seriously consider breastfeeding, if they MEDICALLY can't, they should consider a close family member or friend to wet nurse, if that's not possible, donor milk next, then if the Gods forbid, yucky formula, as it is necessary to feed a baby. Kool aid should never even be considered.. Ever.

BubbleGrunge 18

I hate women who judge other women for choosing not to breastfeed. Personally, I stand behind any woman's choice of supplement to her infant, but sick of the high and might breast feeders who turn their noses up at formula moms.

111. I said was they should TRY before tossing a bottle in the baby's mouth. Some women don't try, some women have an honest medical reason, rarely. I did formula feed, I wasn't happy about it and I changed because breast is best. Women didn't have a choice 50+ years ago. If women researched what was in formula they'd never consider it.

monnanon 13

with all due respect 108 whtly do you hate forumla so much. it is basically the same as breastmilk and is not yucky. there are mums that tear their hair out because they cant breastfeed and mums like me who were bullied by the nurses becauae they could not breastfeed all becauae people hold an opinion like yours.

121. I am not bashing formula moms. If you have a Facebook please visit Mama's Milkies. They are the best support for mothers whether you breastfeed or formula feed. They give you the support and information nurses don't. I was bullied into formula no matter how much I sat there saying I will be breastfeeding. I lay up at night holding my infant son crying my eyes out every time I put formula near his mouth. I pumped and pumped and nothing came out. I was told I had flat nipples and while I attempted to latch my boy he couldn't get it and I cried harder. I spent both nights crying apologizing to my son because I couldn't do it. The nurses were 0 help. I lay there begging them while they literally stared at me telling me not showing me what to do. I watched my best friends feed their babies formula and watched them projectile vomit for months. I was lucky after a week I had great support from my sister and mamas milkies. I managed to get my son to latch, and he's been thriving. I believe women should try to breastfeed and if they can't please feed your baby, but at least try to use something natural for them. I don't feed my son anything I wouldn't eat. I would not eat formula. Breast milk and formula are so different it's too much to explain. Breast milk adapts to your growing baby, it reduces risk of SIDS and breast cancer

monnanon 13

i was in the same boat as you with not being able to feed because of problems but rather tahn put my son through the hardships i switxhed to formula. my son is three and is a normal happy healthy kid in fact he is doing a lot better healtg wise than both my friends kids who were breastfed. neither is tje better option overall. its what suits your family better. anyone who hates bottle feeding really needs to take a look at themselves as that is quite an extreme view to take. formula is not nasty chemicals and will not do your kid any harm. breastmilk from a wet nurse might as you cant be sure what they have ingested.

mansen 15

You did bash formula feeders. You outright said it should be last resort and was 'yucky'. You suggested wet nurses and breast milk banks first. Hurrah for you for your sanctimonious opinions and guilt shaming if mothers that formula feed but trying to cover that with, 'but I support it because I had to do it but felt horrible about it and my website supports it', while still saying how bad it is. I could not breast feed. I tried. Mastitis and lack of production and my medications made trying to breast feed my first child a living hell. I did not get to bond with my daughter until I switched to formula when she was three weeks old. And the lactation consultants...or breast feeding nazis as I started calling them were no help at all. Shoving my breast into my childs mouth and saying it is my problem and try Just no. With my second child, I said screw it. I was not going to put myself and my child through the hell I went throigh the first time amd just straight formula feed. I had a wonderful doctor counsel me about formula and no need for guilt, due to my child getting all the nutrition he needed from it, and wonderful supportive nurses. Both if my children are smart, healthy and active. And I am sick of ppl bashing moms who choose to formula feed. Whatever a mom chooses that works for her and her baby, formula or breast milk, that makes them both happy and stress free and allows them to enjoy each other and bond is what should matter, how about concentrating on that? Mothers have enough stress without others sticking their noses in to try and make them feel damn horrid about themselves. But about the mother and koolaide for a 3 week old...child services should be called. oh and I drank coffee, lots of it, all through both pregnancies. Again. Both kids dazzingly fine. Quit judging on shit like that.

148, I never bashed them and I never bashed about the coffee. I drank soda and coffee through my pregnancy and continue to drink it while I breastfeed. I have slowed my intake, so before attacking me regarding that reread my comments. I said formula was yucky. I didn't say formula moms are bad moms. Whether you breastfeed or formula feed you are a wonderful mom. So don't ever assume I think otherwise. My best friends formula feed. I don't bash them and they don't bash me either! We have similar views. They both tried to breastfeed but the nurses bullied them. The hospital nurses don't usually care. They want in and out so they can get on with their day. Because they see it everyday. If they were more supportive more people would try. Also I never claimed Mama's Milkies as my own, I said its a very supportive page where I get a lot of my information and support. So again reread my comments before assuming, because you're just making an ass out of you and me for no reason.

And 136 my son did not go through any hardships because of my choice to breastfeed him. He's extremely happy, extremely healthy, developing on time and beyond his age, as well as being very well fed. He learns quick. Feed your baby how you need to but don't knock breastfeeding until you try it. I've tried both and prefer breastfeeding. It's a great bonding experience and saves me money as I can't afford to buy formula if I wanted to. Formula feeders are in no way lazy, I couldn't do it, I can barely get out of bed to pee in the middle of the night so I can't imagine having to wake up to make a bottle, warm a bottle, feed a screaming baby, and then try to get both myself and my baby back to sleep. I would be a walking zombie. "Sleep. Sleeeeep".

Formula and breast milk are not the same. The only thing I can say are the same is that it puts food in the babies belly. I had to use it when I work before I learn of donor milk. I had issues pumping and made little pumping, but did fine nursing. If you read the ingredients in formula you will understand how different formula is verse to breast milk. Please research and educate yourself in that part before saying 'it's basically the same' because it is not.

168, not all women respond to a pump, so it's no wonder you didn't have trouble nursing. I can't imagine working and not being home with my son again. I did it for two months but every day at work I'd get stuck on a call and I'd become engorged. It was awful. I didn't have time to eat lunch and I had to eat while I pumped. My son was becoming extremely irritable and we couldn't handle it. So I had to quit. And I agree with you, they need to look up the difference. Breast milk is full of living substances while formula is powder. No live anything unless someone puts a live bug inside. Plus it's been shown formula fed babies sleep longer and that is dangerous! Babies are made to wake up every couple hours. That's why breastfeeding reduces SIDS. It's filling but also digests quicker and easier making baby wake up to eat and formula babies also suck down a bottle quickly so it seems like they can handle 6 oz when they need 4. That's how my best friends babies are. They've got reflux and formula feed so they over eat and then their reflux acts up causing projectile vomiting. Plus women never have to switch their breast milk to accommodate fussiness or gas like formula.

pazuzus_intern 10

123 You ma'am, are OBSESSED with boobs, I mean look at your screen name! I don't know whether that stands for something or if you made this profile specifically for this FML, or a joke and an unbelievable coincidence. Im not even going to go into how weird it is that so many people are tasting breastmilk or how weird it is to picture someone feeding their baby and crying while the baby is just enjoying a meal. It should also be noted that a babies taste buds are not fully developed at such a young age and can only taste "sweet", so tasting breast milk is pretty pointless. Get off your high horse about mothers bottle feeding their children, the more you comment the more obvious it gets that you look down on mothers who choose not to breast feed despite stating otherwise. The only mother poisoning their baby is the woman in the FML.

BubbleGrunge 18

How about you feed your infant the way you see fit and leave your opinion about "yucky" formula to yourself.

mansen 15

mmhmm. And my medications wired the hell out of my first born, that she received through breast milk, but I had to be on said medications. And had to go back on another which was potentially dangerous for a baby. And she was getting constantly infected milj from my constant breast infections in the one that actually produced breast milk. But sooooooo much better for her than formula. And to the other poster, I wish my kids got the memo on formula fed babies sleeping longer. They were up every 2 to 3 hours to feed. And choosing the right bottles ensured they did not overfeed as well. One had reflux from an immaturely developed muscle....but I guess my research and the pediatricians do not trump the thoughts of peopke who blame formula. It is not the whole evil people make it out to be. It exists for a reason and is researched and developed for the health and well being of a baby. yes comoanies profit from it. Big deal. I am thankful there was an option of formula rather than the old days of having to use sweetened condensed milk, corn syrup etc all mixed together to make homemade formula. A la my great great aunts. But the point being, the mother of the baby the OP mentioned is just plain negligent in thinking a 3 week old can have and survive off of kool aid. It is not a formula or breast thing. it is a who the hell thinks feeding a 3 week old kool aid is a good thing situation.

mansen 15

by the way. I have seen many breastfeeding moms have to adjust their diets due to gassiness and fussiness of their babies due to what they have eaten affecting said baby. What world do you live?

I was bottlefed. So were my two older sisters and my younger brother. We range in age from 18-33. None of us ever had any problems and we're all perfectly healthy. All this fuss is insane. I intend to try to breastfeed if and when the time comes but if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out and I'm not going to unnecessarily fret over "yucky" formula when it did me absolutely no harm. Just my 2 cents...

sugarbear0727 19

@jesustitts Donor milk is only by perscription. The baby's doctor has to actually recommend the baby get donor milk. And it usually goes to babies with medical conditions. A baby who has a heart defect is in serious need of donor milk, and a baby who is perfectly healthy, can wait to have breastmilk till the mother produces enough to feed the baby. My son had formula for the first few days, but they always mixed my colostrum in with it. I'm fortunate enough that I can get 16 2.5oz bottles a day when I pump. I will donate my milk after I stop breastfeeding, so I can help the sick babies. But just because a mother feeds formula does not mean they are a lesser mother. My sister-in-law and sister both feed formula to their newborns. My sister-in-law breastfed for a few weeks, but she couldn't handle not sleeping through the night. My sister had an emergency c-section, and was on some strong meds, so it wasn't safe for her son to breastfeed. And the hospital she was in didn't even give her the option to try out a pump while she was there. She may not have been able to feed the milk to her son, but her milk wouldn't have dried up. I do feed my son a little formula, but only because his body needs the extra iron. I take my prenantals, and my iron levels are better than most peoples, but for some reason it wasn't transferring to my son.

littlepeople666 4

Had same production issues with first child, have a second one now and I can breast feed her. It's weird. She also gets formula since I supplement cause I produce a small amount. I agree the lactation consultants are no help at all cause its all "this is better, try harder, formula is bad". I decided screw them with my first. I started doing what was less stressful for me and her.

I think most of you need to back with the talk of 'high horses'. It was her opinion that she find it 'yucky'... Leave it at that. The first time I had to use it, I got curious and smelled it. It was terrible and I about vomit to the scent. It is not a pleasurable smell, including her dirty diapers smelling bad after drinking it for a month while I worked. Before, where she was only fed just breast milk it smelt like butter popcorn ( since breast milk is sweeter than formula). After having formula her dirty poopy diapers became so bad it was unbearable to change it without plugging your nose. So, I can see why some say it's 'yucky'. It's whatever you decide to do, that's on you and no one can make you feel bad about it. If you keep coming back and getting all offensive to someone's opinion then you are feeling guilt in some ways whether you know it or not. While at it, don't call mother's breast feeding nazi's. Sharing information in kind manner is not rude or putting you down. I really hate that... I am no breast feeding nazi, I just research my topic and go by what I learn including what my daughter's ped says and lactation consultant has gone over with me. My daughter's ped was all on board with me breast feeding and encourage me when I had doubts which we need more of those kinds of doctor. Then I did my own research from hundreds of articles and science research. I cannot pump worth of damn which is fine, I ended up having wonderful mommy friends who donate milk. I did change my diet some to meet with my daughter's needs which was also fine. Yes, most change diets, but that's rarely. I am also formula fed, but my mother wished she could have nursed me. She was young and uneducated, she later learns she has IGT that cause her produce very little... She kept trying though and was able to do more for my younger brother with help of donor milk, her own she made, and formula. She is 100 percent pro-breastfeeding. So no, not every woman who do breast feed is against formula, but we are more aware what is in it and research behind that teaches us that breast milk is better for the baby. That being said, formula was made to help woman who cannot produce or made a little to feed their baby when they cannot get donor milk or a wet nurse. It puts food in their belly and that's all it does. It isn't healthy, but what can you do when that's the only thing you can do.

By the way, you do not need a doctor's note to get donor milk. You can go research a Facebook page that is call Eats on Feets for each state that has hundreds of mothers sharing/donating breast milk to mothers in need. If you want them too, you can their milk tested. I had known some mothers that I trusted and was able to receive good amount of donor milk to leave my daughter while I worked. I am a single parent... So, I can't quit.

Sjpcameron 1

Ok. I had to create an account just to reply to this whole discussion. First off, I breast and formula fed both my babies. Only 1 month for the first and 6 for the second. No one has to right to comment about my choices or judge except for me. And I believe that this is why everyone is so mad at jesustitts. She judges. She says she doesn't, yet she does. And because she is a breast feeding nazi. We all agree that breastfeeding is better for babies. That has been stated. But for whatever reasons, she can't seem to let it go that people may make the choice not to. We start with this.... "Any amount of breastfeeding is great for anyone. As long as they tried, then there's nothing to be upset about" Reply 243 And move onto... "Formula should be the very last option a woman should use. They should seriously consider breastfeeding, if they MEDICALLY can't, they should consider a close family member or friend to wet nurse, if that's not possible, donor milk next, then if the Gods forbid, yucky formula, as it is necessary to feed a baby" Reply 109 "And before everyone goes in attack mode, no you're not dumb if you don't breastfeed, my point is this woman probably didn't even try as she thinks sugar filled powdered artificially flavored drink is safe. Which is what formula is minus sugar add pesticides" Reply 107 And my personal favourite... "111. I said was they should TRY before tossing a bottle in the baby's mouth. Some women don't try, some women have an honest medical reason, rarely. I did formula feed, I wasn't happy about it and I changed because breast is best. Women didn't have a choice 50+ years ago. If women researched what was in formula they'd never consider it. Reply 115 This one infuriates me. Do you preach to people outside McDonald's about whats in the food there? Do you check every single label to see whats in it? I've done the research. I know breast it best, For cost, bonding, immunities and more. But do you realize how far formula has come since its invention? Or how many babies its saved due to latching problems, or medical or just stress? So. Don't tell me they wouldn't consider it. It wouldn't be around it it wasn't needed. All you need to say is you breast feed. Shut up after that.

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Oh god why... she should not have been allowed to breed.