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Today I left my 8-week-old with my brother so I could return to work. His wife took all the breast milk I'd packed out of the fridge and poured it out. According to her, it was “gross” and she didn’t want it near her food. My son is allergic to formula. FML
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She’s completely wrong for that!! It’s not for her or anyone’s for a baby! Wtf is she thinking in her head?

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Noooo !!! all that liquid gold !!!


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Where in the FML does OP say she didn't inform her brother and/or his wife? Even if she didn't-which I highly doubt, the wife has no right to throw out an infant's food because "its gross." It's not coming from her body and she's not drinking it. Therefore she should have touched the food. Period.

at the age of eight weeks, you don't even know about allergies except for formula if you've already tried to give a bottle of it. basically, you should never put anything in a baby's mouth without the mother's permission. if this woman didn't want breastmilk in her fridge, she should have said something beforehand rather than throw the milk out behind the mother's back. please send her over to me so I can torture her slowly, one drip of breast milk at a time. I'm pretty sure I'm motivated enough to relactate for this cause.

who the he'll cares.. you also don't get to chose what to feed a child your baby sitting

Krystal.xo 12

Noooo !!! all that liquid gold !!!

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I’m not quite sure why you’ve been downvoted twice. For parents of babies breastmilk IS liquid gold.

Breast milk is prescribed in the US as treatment for cancer. It's also the latest thing for athletes: this liquid gold is the fastest way to cure any injuries and it doesn't show up in any doping tests (unless the mother has been taking way too much EPO of course)

Actually, Liquid Gold is Velveeta Shells n’ Cheese.

Reminds me of the time one of my cousins ate cereal with milk that my aunt had produced and stored in her fridge for her baby. Anyways OP, sorry to hear about this. I imagine you told them about the allergy, so to see her throw it out is pretty baffling. either way, it's in a bag, so it's not like it's coating her food. No idea how she rationalizes this.

You don't even need to tell her about the allergy. Your baby is breastfed and you do not put anything into a baby's mouth without the mother's permission, so if the mother provided only breast milk to feed the baby you must not give it anything else. This woman is sick

She’s completely wrong for that!! It’s not for her or anyone’s for a baby! Wtf is she thinking in her head?

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God help this idiot’s kid when she finally squeezes one out... Oh dear!

Eh, she’ll just take the kid to McDonald’s like most American parents do. The sooner your 8-week-old adopts a steady diet of chicken nuggets, fries and soda, the better citizen they’ll become!

As a mom who has had to deal with pumping I want to hit that woman. She had no right. Does she have any idea how difficult it is do pump enough milk to be away and pump while you're gone? That was just so disrespectful.

As a fellow parent with a child allergic to formula: has your sister-in-law regained consciousness yet?

Ask her to reimburse you. currently breastmilk is selling for about $100 a litre. Seriously, this woman is sick. Breastmilk contains the cure for cancer and AIDS ffs!

Yeah, wake up, sheeple!!!!