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By superclutz - 07/07/2009 02:09 - United States

Today, I left something in my boss's office. The door was closed which usually means she isn't in there, so I asked her coworker/friend for the key. When I opened the door, she screamed at me to get out of there. Turns out, she has just stopped breast feeding her son and was pumping her breasts. FML
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i think 3 was making an erection joke not realising the op is female.


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^^^^^^^^^^^^ oh my god im fourth/ sarcasm get over yourself no one cares and to OP thats why you knock

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OMG IM LYK TTLY 3RD DOOD KEWL @ at least you're a girl

1st, u should have knocked OP! and second, im soo enthusiasticated for u number 1 its beyond beliefe

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U get first comment for the first time and THAT'S what u decide to write?

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Haha sweet man the look on her face must of been so funny!!!!!

Knock, you moron! It's not that hard. Even barring strange and unexpected stuff like this, you might just not have had to ask for the key if she answered the door...

key word "usually" maybe you should have the decency to knock next time. ydi

How did you not know her kid was in there? Seems like a kind of obvious thing to me.

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her kid wasn't there, the OP said that she was pumping her breasts since she had just stopped breast feeding.

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This is my first post. I signed up just t o tell you: You fail. lol.

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@21 LOL good job btw OP... if you lose your job because of this incident...then FYL

Well...am I the only one who noticed the OP's name is superclutz? I'm sure that explains a lot. Right?

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Were you staring? Always knock first!