By scorned_jacketless_lady - 26/08/2013 04:52 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, after spending the weekend together, my ex turned nasty. I finally had the balls to tell him what a cruel asshole I think he is and really hit him where it hurts. I felt very empowered and strong. That is, until I realized I left my favourite and rather expensive jacket in his apartment. FML
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strawberrywine22 30

Honey, if he was that bad, it's worth losing the coat. Congratulations for standing up to him. It's definitely not an easy thing to do.

Well, time to go ask for it back. Be nice about it, just for the coat.


^3^ first agree and life sucks. and comment xD i tgink that sucks >:D demand ur jacket back

Well, time to go ask for it back. Be nice about it, just for the coat.

Or she could just send an intimidating friend.

zgomon 10

Are you referring to yourself #18? You would be rather intimidating.

strawberrywine22 30

Honey, if he was that bad, it's worth losing the coat. Congratulations for standing up to him. It's definitely not an easy thing to do.

What you're doing on your photo is also not easy to do.

If op wasn't happy it's expected that they should break it off. I have no sympathy for people who endure shitty relationships. And if he has an issue with returning Your property, you probably should have left him a while back.

49 how is what she's doing in her picture not easy? You lift one leg while holding on to something and stick your tongue out.

Before he burns her Jacket, she should dress up as a Ninja break in the house and get the Jacket.

52: Maybe you misread the FML; it reads "my ex."

I'm sure he will give you the jacket back, hey if it's that much of an issue a lost jacket over some jerk seems a lot better. Good luck OP

First you apologize to your ex and get your expensive jacket back. Look you just gave him a good tongue lashing (pun intended). Why not get your jacket back, don't wimp out now.

strawberrywine22 30

Why should she apologize? It sounds like he deserved it!

Apologize for him being a total dick? Nah.

#6 read the fml again it sounds like she did more than give him a verbal tongue lashing, she said she hit him where it really hurts, I think she hit him in the balls which by the sounds of things he deserved it.

#13 I'm sorry translation please I don't understand what your saying I don't think even you know what your trying to say.

okay so I even down voted my self on the second comment because that one was not meant to be added onto yours that was meant for someone else and I don't know how to delete it lol

So physically assaulting someone is justified behaviour for being in a "shitty" relationship, without knowing any of the circumstances? I know if it was a guy moaning about falcon punching his ex after a shitty relationship the remarks would be very different. F@ckin hypocrites.

I seriously doubt that line is referring to literal physical assault. "Hitting him where it hurts" is just a saying that suggests that whatever she said caused him emotional pain.

To answer your question #68, yes it does. He deserved it according to his behavior mentioned in the FML.

What behaviour? You don't know anything about his behaviour. "Getting nasty" can mean anything. I think #68 is right, if it was a guy, reactions would be really different. I think most of the people here are just sexists...

You got back with a guy you already knew was bad news? If I were you, I'd consider the jacket the cost of learning what you should have realized before the weekend -- to stay away from people you already know are toxic.

She never said anything about getting back with him. What I'm getting from this is that they had been dating a short time, then, while she was at his house, he started being a complete ass.

strawberrywine22 30

Where do you get that they've been dating a short time?? It says her EX and she spent the weekend together. Then when he got nasty, she FINALLY told him what she really thinks. None of that implies that they've been together for a short time.

11- it was her EX, meaning she probably already knew how bad he was.

She could mean that he's her ex now, having told him what she thought of him. Just sayin'.

I thought it was her ex only because he turned nasty, she spoke her mind, and then broke up with him. But I could be wrong. Maybe OP will post and clarify for us.

I thought the same #42. Probably trying to avoid all of the " I hope you mean EX boyfriend" comments.

I see where you guys are coming from, but I think OP would have said "my now ex boyfriend" or something similar if that was the case.

strawberrywine22 30

If you really absolutely want the jacket, going back and asking for it will not diminish your strength in the least. To the contrary, it will make you look like a better (and bigger) person to be able to civilly ask for it back.

feldco1 17

I couldn't agree more. Hopefully he will understand the importance of the jacket and just hand it over and then shut the door.

im curious as to how spending the weekend and 'ex' fit in the same sentence, you dumped him for a reason ydi for going back

I think she means that he's her ex NOW, but when they were spending the weekend together, he wasn't.

so? just go get the jacket. your ex doesnt have any use for it so he will probbaly just give it back

RedPillSucks 31

He could be spiteful and give to his next victim... I mean, girl friend, or he could give it to good will. If she had the balls to break it off, she has the balls to ask him for her coat back.