By this guy - 21/11/2013 05:27 - United States - Alhambra

Today, I got rejected by a girl I wasn't even trying to ask out. FML
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What a self-centered b*tch

Wow OP, you got friendzoned without even going for it. Impressive.


What a self-centered b*tch

Harsh words. I routinely reject everyone I meet on my path, even before we get introduced. This way, I am sure they understand the depth of my loyalty and the nature of the possible future interaction.

You know how I know you're going to die a virgin?

perdix 29

#1, on FML we don't need no steenking censorship! Do you think the girl was a batch, a botch, a bitch or a butch? I wanna know for sure!

Through your awe inspiring ability to see the meaning behind the written word, #13? True, it can get rather tiresome to get into contact with everyone passing me on the sidewalks but rejecting them fills my life with meaning.

perdix 29

#24, Bravo! In a world filled with passive-aggressive spineless jellyfish, it's refreshing to see good, old-fashioned aggressive-aggressive behavior! Sorry, but I need to focus on my career right now. See what I did there?

Frankly, I think she just is full of herself, beliving that anything remotely male always hits on her. I'd say this reflects more on her then you OP.

You're so vain, you probably think this *comment's about you.

Rainhawk94 27

I feel bad for any guy who meets you #24

World leaders are expected to soon declare a state of emergency. There is currently a global epidemic where people lose their ability to understand and take jokes. #42: Feel for the people who are so austere that they think everything is said in a literal sense. Silvinomiae was joking...obviously.

I dunno. It's easy to say something is a joke if you get called on it.

I'm not talking about it being his demeanor to those he meets walking down the street. Take his comment "I routinely reject everyone I meet on my path, even before we get introduced. This way, I am sure they understand the depth of my loyalty and the nature of the possible future interaction." Is that really someone you want to be introduced to? In either a formal or informal setting?

Sigh. #48, my comment was clearly too clumsy to be able to penetrate the mental filter of a good amount of people. However, I did assume that the notion of someone rejecting EVERYONE even BEFORE any introduction was so stupid, that it was giggle-worthy. Obviously I have to practice on my communication skills aimed at masses.

It was not clumsy, Silvinomiae. Some people just require extensive stimuli to understand a joke; namely a jack-hammer to drill through their dense skulls, and a megaphone to make sure they actually hear what you're saying.

Don't forget a priest to swear by it

Sigh I do have to apologize for my hard head today though. Those comments just reminded me of someone close and his take on life.

Somebody needs to give #40 an award.

incoherentrmblr 21

Just call her a cock goblin, she'll understand...

At least you weren't trying to ask her out?

Heh... I think she feels much worse than OP, assume he immediately responded with something like "who wants to go out with you anyway?" :P

\ 28

OP, you've been pre-empted.

Wow OP, you got friendzoned without even going for it. Impressive.

I don't think anyone goes for the friend zone on purpose silly. :3

Jordan_OL 10

He may be implying that OP makes friends easily.

By going for it I meant getting with her, though friendzone might be looking on the bright side here. I feel your pain though OP. There was a girl I really liked back in high school who was talking to me about the kind of guy she's into. I took it as my cue and after a bit of flirting, told her I knew the perfect guy for her that was also really into her, in complete reference to me. She asked me who my friend was that liked her...ugh

Jordan_OL 10

I have had a very similar situation! Just being straight up about it has worked the best for me, I think quite a few people beat around the bush a bit and it backfires >.< It's happened to me a few times and I've learnt my lesson! :3

sammyjanette 17

I understand that this is a joke, but how did she friendzone him? It doesn't sound like they were friends at all to begin, and it also doesn't sound like she offered to be friends with him either. Im pretty sure one or both of those are necessary to call it a friendzone. Are people just taking being put in the friendzone as any kind of rejection? That's totally silly. Is no one allowed to have preferences anymore?

#10- I have that EXACT same situation. A girl that I really like likes a different guy. Knowing this, instead of repeatedly trying and failing, I'm just trying to become a friend with benefits.

#31 Have you ever been put in the friendzone? Because it definitely feels like a rejection.

Friend zone equals rejection. Rejection does not equal friend zone.

#45, I don't mean to put words in anyone's mouth, but I think #31 meant that it's stupid to label all types of rejection as the friendzone.

FML64128 7

81, the word you're looking for is implies. Equivalence is a bidirectional relationship (sorry, I'm a mathematician so it's a pet peeve, kinda like grammar nazis).

jacob916 8

Are u positive It happens to me all the time

Jordan_OL 10

She sounds like the narcissistic type of person that assumes everything is a sexual advance. Don't worry about it, I'm assuming she does it often! ^.^

Infamous_Tora 12

So.. What were you trying to do?

walk around her

I need a follow-up.

Either this girl is so into herself she thinks every guy is interested in her. Or she picked up something based on the tone of your voice or your body language which gave her the impression you were interested in her.

What were you trying to do then, and, if you were, who were you trying to ask out? Kind of need more details xD.

JMichael 25

Well at least you know who you won't be asking out in the near future.

she knew you