By 43_clothespins_later - 21/11/2013 00:12 - United States - Richmond

Today, I fell asleep at my bus stop following a long day at work. I woke up to a homeless man giggling after he had clipped dozens of clothespins to my clothes, shoes, and hair in my sleep. FML
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Agreed, this could totally be worse! I like his sense of humor.

I was going to say something along the lines of at least he didn't pee on you, or do anything extremely horrible.

some homeless people just deserve to be homeless. btw, how come we never see any homeless women?

If you stopped spending all your time on the computer and actually went outside you might run into one at some point...

perdix 29

#16, before you get too comfortable, I'm guessing the homeless dude "pre-treated" the clothespins with some of his bodily fluids before the clip-fest. Urine would be among the least objectionable of them.

cryssycakesx3 22

"you never see any handsome homeless"

perdix 29

#36, they are out there, but you are not missing much. Of course, offering to "help" hot women on the street is frowned upon in most jurisdictions.

@36 some people are homeless due to mental illness and other due to being lazy, the lazy ones do deserve it.

perdix 29

#66, but wouldn't you think laziness to that extreme extent would be symptomatic of a mental illness?

Gingerette 8

You've got something there, perdix.

Some of them actually make better money begging than most people who flip burgers all day. I've seen more than one turn a corner and jump into a Cadillac. Assuming someone is off to a bad life just because they look it is a bad way to judge.

You've seen more than one homeless person get up and jump into a Cadillac? Are you ******* kidding me? What a shit lie to tell. Why would you bother making that up? Everyone's heard the story that their mates told them about that homeless guy who is actually really rich but decided he would just give up all worldly possessions one day, but I highly doubt you have seen 'more than 1' get into their Caddy.

But so nasty. What I wonder is...where did he get all of them?

Op let him have his fun. Atleast he didn't do anything else. Although it is disgusting, homeless people need a little fun in their life, too

How exactly is it disgusting? I find it quite amusing =)

All you people saying this is disgusting give a good reason why. Is it because he's homeless? Because that's not a reason at all. At least he's not heartless like you

NotGabe 28

That's an innocent way to have fun. c:

xSonic 9

Innocent to you. . .Lol but I wouldn't want some hobo doing that shit to my mother.

Could have been worse. Could have been raped. Could have been murdered. Could have been burned to ashes. Could have been spread out in the sea. Could have been swallowed by fish. Could have been captured, fried and eaten. Could have been digested. Could have been in someone's shit. Could have... That's it, I'm done.

I think this is proof that some people just never grow up.

AnOriginalName 19

Of all the things a homeless man could've done to you while you were sleeping in public, that doesn't seem like one of the worst things that could happen.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Yes, I think OP is lucky that's ALL that happened to her too. I'm Not saying ydi, because I am guilty of dosing off on the NYC train when I leave work super late, but for women, it's really dangerous to fall asleep. I'm not saying Men can't get mugged & raped too... My mom just always puts the fear of traveling home @ 2am in me "You could get raped & killed" "make sure you're aware of all of your surroundings" etc, because that's the time when people are leaving parties drunk off their asses, and will do crazy stuff to you, especially if you fell asleep... So you're lucky that's all that happened, especially since you weren't even on the bus yet where other people could have intervened if things got violent instead of this homeless guy's prank. (I will really try to work on shortening my comment length...)

Some people are just like that I guess. I for one could sleep through a bloody battle. Not that great when you can't even hear your alarm clock sometimes.

some people can sleep anywhere or through anything. i envy those people. i could never do that. i'm always convinced i will fart lol

You do fart in your sleep. We all do. There's no escaping the escaping gas!

Doing that must have required some skill, specially on the hair. I bet he has a personal record of how many clothespins he can put before waking the other person up.

Well at least the guy had something to laugh and smile about!

It's kind of cute the way he was enjoying your company! It's a new friend you got there! Lol