By mickey1928 - 12/01/2010 13:10

Today, I took my wife and newborn baby girl home from the hospital. While waiting for the elevator, an elderly couple leaned over, saw our baby, and said, "Look, it's the fat kid that was in the nursery." My baby is six and a half pounds, and my wife hasn't stopped crying. FML
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You should of replied "Look, its those wrinkled prunes that go around insulting newborn babies". That'll teach them ;DD

How is this an FML? The chubby babies are usually the cutest and the healthiest. Fat babies are the best.


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Wow. Old people can be a bit tactless sometimes, huh?

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well hopefully op learned his lesson, you can't be afraid to beat the elderly

It's not tactless. Babies ARE fat. On a more relevant note, I weighed one or two pounds more than that when I was a baby. I look completely normal. Tell your wife to calm down and stop overreacting, babies are supposed to have loads of body fat.

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6 and a half pounds!!!!!!!! Why do i think grannys comment isn't the real reason mummy's still crying

Of course it's tactless - everybody is aware of the negative connotations of the word "fat". A young mother, completely exhausted from the birth, hormones driving her on an emotional roller coaster and fiercely protective of her baby doesn't need to hear stupid comments like that. Anyway - OP, there is nothing like a fat baby. Babies need to gain weight as quickly as possible this whole category just doesn't apply to them.

It *is* a completely tactless thing for them to have said.

Damn women and their emotions.

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I think the mother was crying because the elderly couple implied her baby was fat compared to other babies that were in the hospital. 6 and a half pounds sounds about normal to me though so maybe the couple just needs their eyes checked.

tactless, sure. but crying continuously about it isn't really a good sign... she could be developing postpartum depression or something

No, postpartum depression is only when it lasts for longer than ~2 weeks. Baby blues = normal postpartum depression. Please don't give the OP more to worry about.

and OP didn't start cracking "ending back up in the hospital soon" and morgue jokes? that's tactless if I ever heard it. but yeah, FYL.

"Oh, look.. It's that old couple that were browsing the nursery for babies to take back to their Gingerbread house and eat.."

win 177 epic win xD

Today, an older woman called my baby fat. I'm a bit sensitive, so I started crying. What did my husband do? He went online and posted about it on FML. FML

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fuck you guys! I was a goddamn ten pound baby and I'm not obese in the least

I was only 5.1 pounds

I weighed 7 pounds wen I was born i'm barely 30 kg now and I'm 19

Wow, my grandparents flipped out because I was "too skinny"... I was 8 1/2 lbs...

Damn. Old people are so rude nowadays. Well, these two are, not the entire old generation...

Y'all see what he did there, he didnt judge an entire generation based on a few small minded individuals...would be nice if the generation in question would do the same for teens today

How is this an FML? The chubby babies are usually the cutest and the healthiest. Fat babies are the best.

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I agree!

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Just because you're old doesn't mean you have the right to be a critical old bastard who says everything too loudly. Or maybe it does, I don't know the ways of old.

Agreed #1, I hate how old people can be SO nosy...

You should of replied "Look, its those wrinkled prunes that go around insulting newborn babies". That'll teach them ;DD

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You, my good sir, *WIN*.

You fucking rock my world.

6.5 pounds isn't fat. It's not a fat baby until it's more than 9 pounds.

9 lb. still isn't a fat baby if it's a long baby.

i was 10lbs when i was born. two weeks late thoughh :/

I was ten pounds and on time :/ Thankfully I grew out of the extreme chubbiness :]

i thought 6.5 lbs was normal weight....

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It is. 6 to 9 pounds is a healthy weight for babies.

I was 12.2 lbs when i was born. Although i was a big baby. Im perfectly normal, but tall.

I was 9 pounds 4 ounces, and I was 3 weeks early.

The older couple was clearly joking- 6.5 pounds is a tiny baby- and the wife is apparently too overwhelmed by hormones to grasp that.

hormones. what can you do :/

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Just lmfao @ #9.

Also some are senile and crap on your car seats

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They must have had poor eyesight along with their poor judgement at when to keep their mouths shut. Newborn babies are actually small and have very little body fat. They hit the chubby stage around 5mos old.

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Do you actually know how big babies are? 6.5 pounds isn't fat, but healthy for a newborn.

My 7 lb 12 oz baby was considered on the small side for her age and length.

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her age? you mean 30sec old?

no when she was delivered: early or late, etc

6.5 is not big... no need to cry about it though..

hormones can do a lot to a woman