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By  BigPoggers  |  5

When I was younger and worked at a laser tag place the manager would not hire people who were over qualified for positions. But it was because most of them had college degrees. Would be a waste of time for them to not use it.

  XUDT72  |  24

The manager didn't do it for them because it would be a waste if their degree. They passed over them because there is a good chance they would leave quicker for a better offer and they'd have to fill the job again.

By  maroongrad  |  13

Qualifications for walmart are NOT ability based. If you can do the basics of the job and lack enough options to leave when mistreated, you "qualify". If you can tell them where to stick it when you are cut from 40 hrs to 24, and that is two 12 hr shifts 6 hrs do not qualify.