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  derpina72  |  23

I can't remeber the reason exactly, but I THINK it's got something to do with lefthanded being translated as sinister? I dunno, all I know is, my dad is left handed and was raised as a super strict Catholic, so he finally got fed up one day, and well, now he's learned to be ambidextrous.

By  gracehi  |  31

Well, you know what they say about left-handed guys, right?


They always have ink on their hand. No wonder she didn't want to date you. Inky hand. Ew.

By  FalloutScrolls  |  25

As a left handed man who has held down a marriage for more than 9 years, I can conclude one thing for you, OP.

She may have been drunk when she said "I do" and has been too lazy to file for divorce ever since.

It can be done! I'm proof!