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  Demon_of_Light  |  27

It wasn't necessarily about the OP. I got pulled over once because my car somewhat matched the description of a vehicle that had been reported for suspicious activity. Once the officer saw me and realized I didn't fit the description of the driver, he let me go because I hadn't done anything wrong. Maybe OP had an unlucky moment like that which unfortunately happened during the driver's test.

  Pauline96_fml  |  20

Adding on to #62, it is also possible that there was something wrong with the vehicle, and so long as OP doesn't own the vehicle that they are using for the test OP should get in trouble for someone else's screw-up

  dbeatty  |  12

#77 the counter argument to that it's that they do assume you do your job as a driver and do a pretrip check of your vehicle. it is in the drivers books here in Canada that you are supposed to do the check everyone you drive.

  Cely988  |  29

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  Rainbow2Cloud  |  12

How does a cop know that? How would anyone really know if someone doesn't has a license or not? He was trying to say that the cop may have been worried OP had no license and pulled OP over to check.

  Cely988  |  29

I was thinking that maybe the car could have a sign on it saying "driving school" or something (or even the learning sign on the car). I'm not old enough to drive so I don't exactly know everything.

  Retaheki  |  27

#63, because you're acting like you know what you're talking about when you don't. I don't know either since I have yet to get a license, but I know that in many places, people have the ability to use their own car instead of the school's cars. And I doubt a car labelled "Student Driver" would be suspect to pullovers, obviously the cop would be worried, but in most student driver cars there are two sets of brakes and wheels for the tester to take over if needed.

By  abNormal62  |  23

Did you make a proper stop when pulling over?
I hope you didn't go directly to jail.
I doubt you got to collect your $200 driving licence

Police and driving instructors can have a monopoly on those types of decisions, you know.