By hockusa3 - 11/09/2014 15:44 - United States - Silver Spring

Today, I was driving to the DMV to take a test, after getting some points removed from my license. On the way there, I got a speeding ticket and got my license suspended completely. FML
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Koizumiii 23

You certainly wouldn't have passed anyway...

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Try learning to drive how you're supposed to. That might help.


Did you get the speeding ticket during the test? If so, you kinda deserved it, but that still sucks! :x

A repeat offender it seems. Speeding is illegal for a reason.

It clearly says he got a speeding ticket " on the way" to the DMV...

bobsanction 18

Doesn't suck as much as their driving apparently does.

That really sucks and all but if I had been in your position I would not have been speeding on my way to the DMV when I had already just gotten points taken off...I mean it's best not to speed ever but still not the time to be speeding.

Koizumiii 23

You certainly wouldn't have passed anyway...

Let's be honest, it's a damn good thing OP didn't.

i dont even understand how stupid people are sometimes

0d987f6t54gu321 4

Try learning to drive how you're supposed to. That might help.

Yeah I don't see any way this is not completely your fault. Sorry OP. And just drive slower, it's really not hard to do...

LolKaleb 14

Looks like you made a bad turn. Ba dum tss...

You were speeding. If you have a licence you already know that is against the law, and the fact that you already have points, indicates that it's not the first time you have been caught speeding. YDI all the way

So speeding is the only way to get tickets and or, never knew that...guess it's cool to crack that Guinness open while driving

I said indicates, meaning it is a posibility that they are from speeding, they could have got it for any other reason, but speeding is one of the less dangerous offences depending on speed and location. For example, 110 km/h on an open highway isn't that bad, but in a school zone or residential area it is.

Doesn't change the fact that the OP has proven they are an unsafe driver since they already had points. Not sure how it is elsewhere, but here in AZ, 8 points is a mandatory class, 12 is suspension. non-criminal speeding is a 3 point offence....

Based on the comment section thus far, everybody abides by the law and goes exactly the speed limit or below. Come on, people. You know you go over, you just don't get caught.

Yeah, but if you already have points on your license, most people would practice a little more caution. Of course, this is assuming OP was going more than just 5 miles over the limit (the legal grace to account for speedometer calibration) and that the cop wasn't being a dick just out to ruin someone's day.

Actually, not everyone on the road intentionally tries to go as fast as they possibly can. I always go <speedlimit +- 3km/h>, with my goal being exactly speedlimit. Those two minutes I'd save on a 60minute trip really aren't worth it, imo. PS: To be completely honest, I do sometimes go over the speedlimit. This is never intentional and I immediately correct my speed downwards when I notice it. Very rare occurence, though.

I speed but rarely enough that I could get ticketed for it... I'm a young driver and just two minor tickets and I have my license suspended

PoisonOrchid 21

I speed and I openly admit it. I deserve a ticket if I get one and OP deserves one too since he was speeding. If you know you have points on your license and are already close to losing your license, why wouldn't you be more careful?! Saying "everyone speeds" does not alleviate OP's personal responsibility in the matter.

@23 Its funny how people make up lies like "ticket quotas" to excuse their reckless, illegal driving habits. Everyone who is or knows a cop just laughs at that rumor and the people saying it.

dunno about where you you are, but where I am in Australia, they definitely do have quotas they need to reach, and they don't hide that fact, either, I can also get fined for doing 1 km/h over the speed limit, and they're sneaky with their cameras, here

Laurenlou 24

This is how I feel about speeding laws: FOLLOW THEM MOST OF THE TIME. If you're on a fairly straight scenic highway and not many people use the road, go ahead and speed 10-15 mi/h over the limit. In places where you know its okay and SAFE, go ahead and speed 5 mi/h over the limit. In places you are unsure of or know that its unsafe (school zones, sharp turns or dangerous and confusing intersections) and police wait for speeders, GO EXACTLY THE SPEED LIMIT. ( Also, if you are caught speeding, own up to it. You choose to disobey and safty rule and you much pay some type of consequence. ) If you think about speeding laws as safety rules, which they are, the laws are much easier to follow.

My dad's philosophy has always been the same as 44's. He speeds and is aware of the consequences, if he gets caught speeding, it is his fault and gets a speeding ticket. He accepts the fact that with speeding can come tickets and in his opinion it's worth the risk. (I should also say that he is not a crazy driver (as this may make him sound) ) If you speed you should be willing to accept the consequences, and if you're low on cash that month and can't afford a ticket, don't speed.

#15, that's nothing to be proud of. You shouldn't ever be using the word "just" in situations such as the one you gave. You're a young driver and you've already been ticketed and de-licensed; I hope you realize the flaw to this. If you were driving for a great duration of time with your count of tickets, then you can be proud and use "just."

meli1195 31

#75 is right, you're a young driver and already have two tickets and suspended license?? You must have paid off the dmv tester because I see no other way you could have gotten your license

NiceGuysDoWin 21

I read #15, comment as "if" he gets two tickets, he'd lose his license...By saying "just two tickets and I lose my license" instead of "just two tickets and I lost my license", it implies future tense. Then again, it is the difference of one letter. Might have been a typo or he really did lose his license and he's as bad at grammar as he is at driving.

Well I'm sure ppl speed. I mean I always go about 20km/h over the limit and treat most stop signs like yields and yet in 6 years I've only ever gotten 2 tickets and no points. If you haven't learned in the time it takes to lose your licence then deffinatly YDI.

Oh, no. One speeding ticket was enough for me to stop speeding and start using cruise control. It's a bigger deal when you can barely afford to pay for the ticket and the increased insurance premiums that come with it.

#66: Actually, that's how I got my first ticket. I was heading to work on a small highway that was completely empty, and the weather was just a light overcast. On that particular day, I was going 15 over the limit, since I was running late leaving the house. Apparently, a state trooper picked that particular day to drive down the road at the exact same time I was speeding, since that was the first time I'd *ever* seen him going down that highway, and I was given a ticket (no warning), even though it was a first offense. In another incident, I was leaving a friend's house at 2:00 in the morning when I did a California roll onto an empty highway. A cop pulled me over, asked if I had been drinking, and let me off with a warning (keep in mind, this was after I had received the speeding ticket). In my experience, cops tend to target cars that are by themselves, in low-traffic areas, at odd hours of the day (or night).

If you've already had points knocked off and have to take a a test common sense says not to speed

I'm no lawyer but I think you should think about obeying some traffic laws.