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  v8nick97  |  11

It might not have been his fault. I got into an accident while I had my permit, I was going through an intersection and someone blew their stop sign and hit me.

  Pmm368  |  5

So you know how it happened then? I'd be delighted to hear it because the OP never said who's fault it was, whether some one hit the OP or if the OP hit some one.

  lifeinhd  |  3

I've been closer than that, and on the highway as well. Asshole in a Land Rover wouldn't let me in. I was 2 inches away from him on one side and 3 inches from the concrete barrier on the other. Admittedly it was bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway, but still. Passed him 5 minutes later, so not sure what his big deal was.