By soapisyourfriend - 16/02/2016 06:53 - United States - Ashland

Today, cable was installed at my house and the cable guy smelled like some horrid mix of cabbage and cheese. I'm pregnant and suffering from morning sickness. I've sprayed air freshener, lit candles, and opened windows despite the cold outside. I can't get rid of the smell. FML
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Oh my gosh. So sorry, OP. Fyl but congrats!


I wish you luck and hopefully he doesn't need to come back for cable repairs...

Oh my gosh. So sorry, OP. Fyl but congrats!

That's why I just stream everything. Who needs cable? P.S. Febreeze (anti-bacterial aerosols) work(s) wonders

They could have been getting cable internet.

Move to another room in the house temporarily.

The smell will fade. Keep using air freshener and leaving windows open. It might help if you can get out of the house for a few hours. If you're not up to running errands or something like that, maybe go to a friend's place for a bit?

This needs to be top comment.

Ewwww >~

Soap McTavish is your friend

you can probably complain to the company about that. a lot of jobs have rules about hygiene, besides restaurants. my husband worked for a trucking company that had so many complaints about the drivers smelling bad that the company made it a rule that they had to be clean before delivering. I know this isn't quite the same since they were truck drivers and didn't always have access to a shower, but this guy might be breaking a rule too, or at least if you complain they might start enforcing a rule like that.

try filling a spray bottle with some white vinegar and water and spray it around. It doesn't smell of chemicals and is very effective. I had the same problem with a plumber who my building hired to replace a 20 year old leaking toilet. I got a good whiff from him while he decided that I, being female, must have broken it by flushing tampons down it. He lectured me for ten minutes about proper disposal of "lady items" as he put it, while I tried to figure out how to tell him that he needed to pay more attention to his own hygiene issues.

Only do that if you want your house to smell like a delicatessen. Admittedly, though, that doesn't sound too bad.

What's wrong with cabbage and cheese? ?

Apparently it doesn't sound as good on a cable guy.