Bad, so bad

By Anonymous - 14/11/2015 07:20 - United States

Today, the man of my dreams turned out to be the worst kisser I've ever encountered. I now have a huge hickey on my chin to remember the experience by. FML
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Teach him. People stay awful at things because others don't show them how to improve.

Aww chin up, it can only get better.


Aww chin up, it can only get better.

Think of it this way, at least you got a kiss from the man of your dreams

Teach him. People stay awful at things because others don't show them how to improve.

Sometimes the others don't even tell people they are awful at something. They just cringe every time a person attempts it and later go back to "fix" it. Nothing will improve unless he knows there's a problem.

That's a good idea.. Tho sometimes they get offended and upset..

#24 I am sure saying "I want to teach you to kiss better, so we are going to be kissing a lot more" will cheer anybody up haha

Are we sure he missed, or was this just him marking territory ?

Sometimes people just don't care if they're bad at something, and have no interest in kissing. I had an ex who would run his tongue over my teeth (front and back) everytime he kissed me, and no matter how many times I told him that it grossed me out, he wouldn't stop. He thought he was a great kisser, and I eventually just refused to kiss him at all because of his refusal to stop bad kissing practices.

Direct him to your lips next time maybe? if there will be a next time.

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Talk to him about it. If you continue seeing him, and don't talk to him, he's going to keep on doing it thinking you enjoy it. Hopefully that works out for you!

Give him some pointers

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he's not the man of your dreams if you do not like the way he kisses.

Or he just needs direction? People aren't born with the ability to be good at pleasing their partner, it takes time, practice, and direction. There's no school for it, so someone has to teach him.

Sometimes they are. Like some people being naturally athletic

be happy it didnt go any lower

I sympathize with u....the girl of my dreams had once told me I was small downstairs and broke up with me. Later on....all my gfs said that I was quite OK.

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Are there turtle necks that cover your chin?

Probably not. But depending on the weather where OP is, a ski mask may work.

If she works at a bank I'm going to go out on a limb to say that a ski mask may not be a wise choice.